Gagaku-Dantai Kensaku site GAGAKU CLUBNew!
it is the introduction site of gagaku organization to the world.join for free.gagaku organization can be registered even if there is no home page.


SUGOROKU is the part of Japanese art "UKIYOE".This HP is the introduction of Japanese traditional paper games "SUGOROKU".They are very beautiful! They are very fantastic!!

Kikue's QuillingHot!
I enjoy making handmade greeting cards using various paper crafts such as Quilling, Origami and teabag folding. My Website shows you some of my work that I have done overthe year.

'Oukoshisei' - the traditional Japanese art of Irezumi (tattoo)Hot!
'Oukoshisei' - the traditional Japanese art of Irezumi (tattoo)Irezumi is a traditional Japanese art. Oukoshisei regards tattooing as an art form, expressing the greatness and the beauty of tattoos.


Welcome to "IPPEI's"gallery@!
Welcome to "IPPEI's"gallery! Watercolor paintings and photographs. This sightseeing is northeasten region of Japan.

Japanease calligrapher Kitayama Naotaka]The world of calligraphy]
The collection of Chinese character works and "Kindaisibunsyo" works of Japanese calligrapher Kitayam Naotaka. The calligraphy work based on various classic study of the work of "Otaku" etc. is exhibited. A diary, an essay, a soliloquy, etc, which mix a photograph.

Tennryu's drawing in India ink
It has waited in the world of india ink drawing.Don't you think that the culture of the Japanese Arts which can be variously expressend by the shade is wonderful!


KANAME's ArtWork
JAPANESE FINE ART.painting,craft,animation,oil painting,water color,


you can see our works,live performance infomation.

contemporary art
My contemporary art & other things.

Kiyoyuki's Craft Room
This is page of wood working

The Eastern People
Digital Samplingshot Album.You see???

Kaichiro MORIKAWA Home Page for studies on the relations between post-war Japane
Waseda Univ. Ph.D. course Kaichiro MORIKAWA's Home Page for studies on the relations between post-war Japanese culture and architectural design. Deals broadly with design phenomenon.

FACE,FACE,FACE@:Forging Iron Formative Art.
Human's life and sense of values become diversified as times change. In such times,people are given to putting something into the deep the of their mind. I have made the face series to express such a flash given off by people.

Calligrapher's Windows Live Space
Windows Live Space of calligrapher,Kitayama Naotaka.Site impressive method of displaying calligraphy work on TOP page.Blog and the profile are described in English, and existence and the calligraphy work of calligrapher Kitayama Naotaka are announced to the foreign country.

Independent Artists site
We are indepeet artists show our art works via WWW to get something great!!!!

Enamel Art Works by Yohko Yoshimura
Introducing Japanese traditional Art of Shippo by Yohko Yoshimura's enamel works.,And introducing Award winners works of The Cloisonne Jewelry Contest,moreover Regulations and Entry Form for next Exhibition.

Subaru Pottery Club
A pleasure of appreciating,making,and using works of clay art. We makewhat we want to do as we please. There are a lot of dreams in a kiln.Welcome/

Following the discourses of Mr. ASADA Akira
Mr. Asada is one of the most excellent critics in the contemporary Japan.The purpose of this site is sharing and taking the information to access his discourses easily. Excuse: this site is unofficial.The motto of this site is"speedy".:-)

Kinochenco web lab
This site is made up of experimental web animations as gif animation.Look at these fixedly,@and you get feel.

Stone Work
Stone, Megalith,arts,etc

It is personal Home page.There is Car design sketch,Interior design,
Comic/MANGA,Live steam, Pottery,,,And 3DCG!I'm waiting.See you!

This site is introducing Netsuke which Engraver SHOJI OIKAWA made. He adds modern feeling to classic merit, and is making the original work.

Fusing, stained glass and sandblast studio in Tokyo. You can watch wonderful glass art works here.

Wooper Brains Rooms
Welcome to Wooper Brains RoomWe are Wooper Brains.Thanks for your Access. Appreciate our works!There are various kinds of ART.Drawing,Sound,Novel,Photo,Carving and ModelingPainting,Interrior,Fashion,Performance,Handycraft and Architecture...and so on.

Dolls gallery of Sizuka Kadokura
Doll builder Sizuka Kadokura's page

Hello!We'are "MUSIC CLOWN-Mashu&Kei"~Clown's are enjoying the Music~Come and see me !!

japanese style painting
I studing Japanese painting for UNI in you know Japanese painting?i hope my our exhibition in NY.

Shapes and Colors
However, there is a sound there are sentences there is a combination of a mere form and the color. It is an ideal of the expression, and it is all. Painting, novel, commentary, and another as expression not expressed.

lime wall and japanese wall

Origami Creator's Fantasia
Japanese origami creator,Noboru Miyajima's website.A lot of original complex origami models are displayed.Some diagrams are also here.

kitajima,hirofumi solo exhibition
I think that the intention to badly made art is in the history of the arts. I am also making garbage from the one person.

Designer's Group "Materials"
This site is Japanese web designer and art designer's website.this site owner is Tetsuwo Amamiya.

Traditional Japanese paintingArt
Traditional Japanese paintingArt Japan,Kyoto,Mural,Castle,Temple,Traditional,painting Art

Junpei FUJIWARAs on-line portfolioproject,biography,contact..........

‚iapan ‚bulture
toson shimazaki(novelist)shodo geijyutucalligraphicseal-engravingwarehousu(dozo kura )cultureeducation of japan

Stained glass of I. Tashiro
Lots of photos of stained glass by I. Tashiro and all about Tashiro Stained & Leaded Glass Studio. Also, his methods of making stained glass are described.

Ancient Style, Modern Sensibility
A Bizen potter, Makoto Hatori works in the Bizen tradition but has developed a contemporary language in sculptural works which links his own lineage with life today.

Love Art City is Cyber-Bohemians town where you will see many cool artworks (CG, music, novels etc.) in relaxing Laid-back atomosphere. Please drop by!

home room
Home Room, Independent Art Space

This is typography
original font free download, experimental graphic art and so on.

The famous scene of the movie made by Lego

3D Gif WORLD-Animated GIFs Gallery
Animation 3D GIF Image Gallery. All the GIF images of this homepage are free materials. Please use copying freely. square, circle, arrow, alphabet, star, button(for E-mail, Link, Menu, BBS, Home and other morec)The 3D Gif WORLD is free link.

Mako Idemitsu
Video Art, Film Art, Installation about Women Issues, Family issues

introduction of Japanese Noh masks.

Happiness on broadway
pops & art shockwave flash

I hope to enjoy you make japanese potteries,its so fun and interesting.Id like to introduce the way to produce it.

Essay to determin the art from the masterwork of Artisan
Hightest hunter must also be a highest smith. The hightest bear hunter Shigezou Hashimoto is also a highset smith making himself the best mountain knife.

coffee room
He loves coffee,owl,and Japanese sweet MANJU.Andshow you the galleries of SHO(Japanese hand writing),Wood prits,and Childrens' SHO and drawings.

FREE FONT & SOUND & Industrial Design &FLASH Animation & Graphic Design &Photo & Design news!!Welcome to Japanese No.1 FREE FONT SITE!

Japanese traditional unbrellas
If you are interrested in Japanese traditional umbrellas,please see my page!!

Aristocratic Horse
A Gallery on Arabian Horse and Thoroughbred.

Makoto hatori
Makoto Hatori,ceramic artist who trained as a Japanese traditional potter but expresses his own philosophy into new, contemporary creations.

Master.Bocch's Paper Craft

Asobigokoro -playing soul-
Those who continue having "asobigokoro" held always forever. I want to become such a man. Since such hot people tell this page, and it meets, and the information about it is exchanged and it looks for the world of a pleasant prejudice, it is very hot.

Fractal Art Gallery
Many fractal images,fantastic and interesting patterns on Mandelbrot and Julia set.

***Cool Cool Web Site***World of white and bleu,Yes!
It is the homepage which made white and blue and the sea a theme.Poetry and music are put on the photograph of the sea.See it, and enjoy it, and relax.

I want to consider HOME which has only only one in the world for the family who has only only one in the world together.

Japanese traditional music/dance in Gifu
we introduce the Neo-Bon Dance.that do not use instruments.(traditional style)

Federico's Dollhouse
You can see Bigsize dolls(beautiful girls and Women). You can dounload a 3DCGdoll.

Akiko Endo Official Web Site
Akiko Endo's Web Site. Paintings of imaginary landscapes. Oils painter from Tokyo JAPAN.

In the misosoup

the photographs of the wax figures
many photographs of the wax figures.a japanese artist made these figures.

It is kind of Japanese Art or Paper colored picture.

fogless: London art diary
Fogless is a Japanese non-commercial website about contemporary art in London. It features gallery information, exhibition calenders, reviews and the latest art related news.

My Gallery. River,Flower Drawing

T.Shimoji Gallery
Silkscreen Print Gallery of OKINAWA POP ART

BIZEN-YAKI(ceramic artist:kugou) HomePage
japanese ceramics Homepage(BIZEN-YAKI)

seihi's poem & photo@world
Nice to meet you!! I'm seihi.This page is express myself of my heart.English of littleEEEha ha ha!!Come here!!!!

Fancy Calligraphy
Rays and sense of space show up my works.But goods is drawing with a brush on paper.

reve - Anon's obsessions
This website is full of Anon's fav... Its such like fine art, photography, literature, web design arts, anything cool stuff. They're mostly western classical ones...

kiyosi takamatu

Ancient Style, Modern Sensibility
Makoto Hatori works in Japanese tradition but has developed a contemporary language in sculptural works with links his own lineage with life today.

NPO of Japanese Traditional Mokuhanga.

Oda Ryuu Gallery
Oda Ryuu borned,and lived hole life in Himeji city. He painted many picturs,especialy landscapes,flowers. The paintings of landscape that he drew are in Setouchi,Amakusa, Gotou islands,Belgium,and Tanzania. The ones of flower are sunflower,rose,and camellia.

This in Japanese artist's page.There are Paintings and Photos.

Religion Art Studio KOKU
Production and shrines and temples such as a Buddhist painting or a ceiling picture handle coloring and restoration of cultural assets.

Tetsuya Original Photo Arts
TETSUYA IGUCHI WORLD.Original Photographic Arts

One of the Japanese traditional arts, portraying scenery on a black lacquered tray, using white sand, pebbles, and rocks. It invites you to the minituarized universe.

Flash Animations and AfterEffects Movies site.

Shino's Bar Internet
The virtual bar, a station of contemporary art and spirits. Get andsubmit hot information on art. Our bar is always open for people who love contemporaryart and spirits. Contemporaly art informations. Museum, gallery, events, and projects.Artists and projects web page links.

The most sensuous and ecstatic dance, Odissi dance from India.The video of Odissi dance basic steps by Masako, The only dance community in India, NRITYAGRAM, the Odissi dancer Masako...

--Welcome to TRAPEZIUM World--This page's theme is Photograph and Illustration,Computer Graphic and so onePlease come to my Homepage


New Japanese painting
I am Jajanese painter. I show you my works of Japanese paint. I try to make new Japanese paint. My works is near like modern art.

I make a Japanese paper doll of the palm size (around 5-10cm). I produce it from Japanese traditional culture to a children's story, nursery rhyme for many divergences.

Sculptures and Paintings
I introduce my own art works.

Studio Yumeya
Contemporary Art of Haiku, art, music, cooking, pottery, created by Studio Yumeya.You can listen to the entire album with streaming media!

Studio Yumeya
Contemporary Art of Haiku, art, music, cooking, pottery, created by Studio Yumeya.You can listen to the entire album with streaming media!

Forest of Heart
Heartwarming original woodcrafts. Wooden dolls, heart-shaped music boxes, etc.


We have gallery of PHOTO, ART & HEARLING MUSIC. We are waiting for your coming. Don't miss it! We sre SUN's! WEB DESIGN.

Regionale Kunstwissenshaft
Lebe dich mit der Gewissheit dass du beliebig viel Zeit und Raum hast! -- das ist der Kuenstlerlicshe Leben.

outsider artist private exhibition
outsider artist art_boy private exhibition@ abstract figurative surrealism oil paintingmany many painting![200] over's picture exhibition

WebGalerie Moriyama
Oil painting of Hitoshi Moriyama,pastel drawings of Akemi Moriyama

cool site !

Cabinetmaker Kintaro Yazawa
Kinatro has been apprenticed to Monsieur Marc Garnier, a traditional organ builder in France. In 1977 he opened his own woodworking workshop in Miyazaki, Japan.

mitsuro sato is a painter in japan. my site includes images of my attractive paintings as well as photos of my studio showing the steps of my creation.

Traumatic Evolution
This is real size woman doll's homepage.Please fix lunguage to Japanese.Thanks.

The vision of Japanese calligraphy
Enjoy yourself looking the sights of my works of Japanese calligraphy that is the universality art, and the Japanese culture,too. INPAKU Translation Service[English] [Chinese] [Korean] [Italian] [German] [French] [Spanish]

This is the "Bonseki Hosokawa" web site.The "Bonseki" is Japanese traditional culture.We draw various nature on the black plate by white sands and using the feather.

Making DOLLs from self-education
creation dolls containing sphere joint dolls. /work diary/ photograph/materials and tools/how to make/etc...

SEITAROU art spase
this is old stiel sculpture site by seitarou hamasaki. welcome to SEITAROU art spase.

not onry the sense of sight also hearing.

WireWork YAOUO
WireWork Art. Frogs,HanamizuDeppou,Sponji Cow,etc.

Ono Michiko
i am a crtaeor of japanese-taste design,who was bone in kyoto and live in tokyo now.i make much of daily goods around us,and i feel very happy to reat something new that adjust to our daily life.i hope you are comforatably with my design or@works.

Cabinetmaker Kintaro Yazawa's Web Site
Hand-made furniture of only solid wood. Japanese traditional methods and own original methods are incorporated in the works of joinery, ironwork, and finishing. Life-time guaranteed.

Toshiharu Tsuruya und japanische Kalligraphie
Vorstellung der japanische Kalligraphie und Gedichte. Ihren Name und Gedichte von Goethe inJapanisch.

William Fung Project
The correspondens and the music works of Mr.William Fung.

Art jewelry that jewelry designer reiko.matsumoto creates.

Australia Japanse design & art student group "a-trippers" official website
a-trippers is a Japanese art and design student group in Australia. This web site contains the schedule of our exhibition and group gallery in Sydney, artists' information and their portfolios.

handmade paper claft dalls -mono cup-
Original paper claft dalls.You can find the dalls who talk about your feeling. and They talk to you peaceful anytime.

Pottery Now
I loves Kokaratu-yaki,it the famous pottery name in japan, Therfore, I am try to make my self and showing the ceramic pictures.

interactive space
this site is flash experiment site!

This is the fan page of Kawaguchi Mchimasa.
[THE architecture] is the official fan site of architect, Kawaguchi Mchimasa. He gives a residence a life with the light and the wind.
Introducing Indnesian art and midori's art works, also shows some art works and crafts from Indonesia. Private stories in Bali and Yogyakarta.

Create motion graphics,web design,photograph and more...

Collaboration MaRa Real Gallery / CG&MUSIC(SMIL)
The collaboration of the original image music(The orchestra sound by DTM)and the CG art(or the photograph).The original collaboration as the theme of which was American movies and others.

æ Fairy Chuckle æ The world of Michi & Hiro Takahashi
A high modern art teddy bear works of art nature.Official site of the professional"Teedy Bear Artists" Michi & Hiro Takahashi which world wide active.Japanese and English bilingual notation.

The site introducing buildings in Japan and the world. Each photographs and caption will make you want to visit the place. This is the collaboration site of members. If you'd like to introduce buildings, you can join the site! Basically, written in Japanese, but we have some part in English.

Plant Art
It is activity of plant art and introduction of a piece.
Study for Katsushika Hokusai's paintings.There are also the table of contents of some magazines of ukiyo-e. The information about the present ukiyo-e is carried to the top page.

shoujo's photo and illustration gallery
My site carries many photos and illustration by me.I'm a japanese woman.I want to make contact overseas people!you can see my site in english.

Yusuke Saito
A sound art, an image work. Sample download can be carried out.

Kouitsu Ogasawara ART Works
Abstract ART Works & Neo-Japonism Art Works


gusoku-yagura [Japanese Armor]
Introduction of the Japanese Armor of Samurai.

OKAMOTO@TARO's@"Okinawa: Shapes of life"
OKAMOTO TARO presents a new theory of art from the nothingness of Okinawa.

Pieces Of My Life
Please enter from "English Page". I would be glad if you follow me on twitter, tumblr or flickr.


Meg's Room
The china of meght work etc. is exhibited.Please have a look.

Realism. Oil paintings and information about the japanese artist@SOHEI.

KAKEDASI endless to run
welcome to the my home page.You can see the picture which I drew

Naoto Yokota

I would love to share with you the elegant world and the history of Glasritzen.You can begin to do Glasritzen in just a short time.Your friends will be thrilled with the handmade glassware you made just for them.Let me introduce you to the world of Glasritzen.

Hiromi Suzuki Illustrations@Web@Site
Illustrator Hiromi Suzuki's web site.Works(magazine,newspaper,cf etc.),gallery,column and blog.


The marble sculpture work collection@snow drop's
I am the linking site of the white world of snow and the white stone skin of marble which made my marble sculpture work mainly.Also, the title which snow took from the falling image deeply is snow drop's.By all means, look.

Flash Galley Wall Paper etc..

Yosuke Kawasaki Official Websiteš
The Official Website of Yosuke Kawasaki,an Acrylic Painter from Japan.

Jaina Architecture
History of architecture of Jainism in India with a lot of beautiful photographs.

The large number of beautiful White Satsuma-ware on this home page were painted with great care by myself, Nishida Akio, from anywhere over a few days to a few months.

Record of a process which applies Japanese lacquer
A Japanese lacquer is a traditional craft of Japan. However, enjoying itself is free. Let's apply a Japanese lacquer by ourselves.

£¤£@Hidekuni Kikuchi's ART@£¤£
Main is the abstract painting which I drew with an oil painting.

MILLE FIORE Virtual Kaleidoscope
Virtual Kaleidoscope by Flash Movie.Have a nice imagination time!

Welcome to Yume_Glass
It is a home page by which the happiness of the beauty of the stained glass, the possibility, and making is told. *** Group of creation and home page of dream glass Hakusan

Making and Sales of Moss Art from Japanese Garden to Moss Art works which uses moss! Web site by the worker gEtsuro Sugita" who seeks Japanese beauty.

Shimada Art Gallery
Introduction in scenery picture and fantastic imagination picture,and original ceramic art wark of the Japanese countryside.

Makoto HATORI, ceramic artist who trained as a Japanese traditional potter but expresses his own philosophy into new, contemporary creations.

The world of calligraphy of calligrapher Kitayama Naotaka
The profile work etc. of calligrapher Kitayama Naotaka that aims at "Essence of calligraphy" are published. The explanation sentence in the calligraphy work and the idea to calligraphy are described.

The Time of Fall
What is the essence of fall? What speaks Japanese fall to us? Fall has its own the time of fall? Falling water speaks us the joy of falling.

It is the picture-book of animals without a name. The hand-drawn illustration is also exhibited.

I draw, sing, play instruments, pose (only in front of cameras) and write (almost in japanese). Weird,strange,strong and so enpty worlds are plugged in the web now.


Chikuzan Museum of Art
There are a lot of calligraphies in Chikuzan Museum of Art. Calligraphy is the Japanese traditional Art!!

Oil paintings by Hiroshi Kanayama
Japanese painter living in Osaka,and having a log career in oil painting fine art. Working on an expressionist style.

Regionale Kunstwissenshaft
Kleine Texte fuer eine regionale Forschung nach dem Begriff der kommenden Kunst.

An art general search. Art information.


Need not write, it writes.Writing instead of talking.Poetry came before dawn.The universe is nearer than foreign spaces.

Japanese Carver and wood carving writer "Ushikubo Kenichi"
Carver and wood carving writer Ushicbo Kenichi . The work is an abstract modern sculpture that chiefly used wood. The expression also widely has a large-scale installation in the outdoors etc.To enjoy it even in not detailed one to the art, it puts it very plainly.

Ceramic artist Mamoru Teramoto
It is ceramic artist Teramoto Mamoru official Web site.


Japanese visual artist web art gallery.
*Gorgeous colors, dramatic and full of emotion*@Paris-based artist expresses her phenomenal and spectacular forces in the vibrating gPassionh series.

int - Imagery for daily inspiration
Introduces great design, photography, illustration, art, installation, architecture, product and photography from all over the world.

Kawao Tomoko, Calligrapher
Kawao Tomoko, Calligrapher Online Showcase

This is the channel of an animation that was produced by Kishimoto maki. This animation was created using the AdobeFLASH.

YOKOI AYA official web site
This is YOKOI AYA's official web site.I draw the picture by human's hair.And I draw the illustration.

craft pamu
I'm making a leather doll.I'm making a piece of clay.