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Information on Japanese Baseball players who plays in Major League Baseball including Ichiro, Nomo, Sasaki, Shinjo, Ohka, Suzuki, Yoshii and Irabu. Also some info on Minorleaguers. Chat Room, and Bulletin Boards.

Cheering of Yankees and MetsHot!
Synthesis of Yankees and Mets based on New York Metropolitan.

WBC2006 in USA - Photo and Diary
Baseball fan site about World Baseball Classic 2006 held in Los Angeles and San Diego.

The Safe House of IORIN
This site is for BayStars and Tokano fan. There are a players list, check sheet, and etc.... Please visit me!

Grant Heights-Momote Village-Mutsumi Dai Baseball Association,Tokyo,Japan.Records of the Little League from May 18, 1963 to August 5.

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Who is your favorite player of MLB ? Tell me about him.

Hanshin Tigers Cheering column
Japan's professional baseball team based in Koshien is a column supporting the Hanshin Tigers. How much fun is what the anti-Hanshin (laughs)Dragons, Giants, Swallows,Carp,Bay Stars, Hawks, Lions,Marines,Fighters,Buffaloes

Softball Park
Softball and Baseball ! Take me out to the ball game ! Take me out with the crowd !...

Climbing,English and Giants
I am a Japanese climbing freak. I enjoy free climbing and challenging extremely high mountains. I also love to study Engligh and support Japaese pro baseball team Giants. You can see beatuiful pictures and get a lot of imformation about Japan.

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hi!do you like a BASEBALL?CHUNICHI DRAGONS is NPB chanpion in 2007.oops!i have to go.bye~~!

FIRE~GIANTS~Giants Non-Official SITE~
Do you LOVE "GIANTS"??My Homepage"FIRE-GIANTS" is homepage of "I LOVE GIANTS"people. FIRE!

BCS(Baseball Club Singapore)
BCS(Baseball Club Singapore) is a boys' rubber-ball baseball club in Singapore established in 1998.We have three categories which are separated by kid's age from 6 to 15 years old.

this is giants & news

BLUE CALM `Let's Go!Chiba Lotte Marines`
Let's Go Chiba Lotte Marines!We love "Jhonny" we love Chiba Lotte Marines!please come to my homepage

Orix Buffaloes support blog
Orix Buffaloes in Japan's professional baseball teamBlog to support a new golden age in Orix Buffaloes.Buffaro the victory bell beat

Baseball park
HP which has carried professional baseball information.

-Legend of Hideki,Matsui-
New York Yankees Hideki Matsui's aid site Anything is understood if it is Matsui's thing!

-Legend of Hideki,Matsui-
The aid site of Hideki Matsui of the New York Yankees

Ball Game Heroes Autographs
MLB Players Autograph collection for TTM.Japanese FAN's site

NYY@Matui's Deta
free site ,difficult deta

The strongest baseball team TAKEZATO
This is the homepage site about TAKEZATO which is the baseball team built at Takaishi city in 2003.Thank you for coming.

MLB News& surrealism
Major Leagues information. News, Japanese major leaguer information, etc.

BaseBall Team "Born Crushers"
BaseBall Team "Born Crushers"

Hello this page is BASEBALL team pages.

weeklybaseball news
I who actually experienced baseball from the elementary school will feature the latest news of the professional baseball, the high school, and university baseball, animation etc. be exchanged, and we tell it in the baseball news on the week.

WBC2006 in USA - Photo and Diary
Photo and daiary in World Baseball Classic 2006 in USA, at the point of view from Japanese ball players.