The unofficial homepage of Harry Potter. English-Japanese Lexicon,Abstracts of Goblet of Fire, Etymology of spells and characters, Prof.Trelawney's today's fortune.

Yoshihiro KanedaCool!
Japanese writer Yoshihiro Kaneda's homepage.

I comment on overseas mystery in a file in a mass at random. It is with an illustration of a character. There is a file of an authentic record crime case, too.

Ehon Narabe - Find picture books for all ages
Ehon Narabe helps you to find the best Japanese picture books to match your preferences with many search options.

Welcome to TAKU'S CAFE!!Taku's info,voice,picture,a book of on

This is a Harry Potter fun site, composed by a sitemster loving Harry Potter. The contents are tend to comedies, which is only in Japanese(sorry!) and include the stories beyond the 4th book.

Anne Memorial Room / Hanako Muraoka Study Room
Anne has been enthusiastically received in Japan. It was my grandmother, Hanako Muraoka, who translated "Anne of Green Gables" into Japanese.My younger sister, Eri, and myself Mie, preserve the study room in which our grandmother translated "Anne" series into Japanese during the war time. We host an "Open House" regularly inviting people who love Anne books. We portray Hanako Muraoka's life and what she was like through her various works, including "Anne" series.

HAKKENDEN -The Greatest Samurai Novel in Japan-
HAKKENDEN is the best seller novel in Tokugawa Shogun's period.19th century.Romance of Princess Fusehime,Dog Yatsufusa and their Eight Sons.This is the Site for HAKKENDEN's fan.


Kurt Vonnegut
This page is about Kurt Vonnegut, in Japanese.This page includes translations of FAQ and his story.

The archive of fantasy books published in Japan, US, UK, Australia and Germany.Most are original books and no translated works are included basically.

maruko's oz website -from Japan-
This is a fansite of "The Wizard of Oz".My book reviews and oz quiz, oz fortune-telling, and oz character vote.

Lingual City
A literary take on the beloved New York City, in Japanese.

The book of recommendation
The moved to tears book, the book at which it can laugh, and the book of recommendation to every ... and genre are introduced. Moreover, it is introducing also about the book popular to this site.

amateurs book
amateurs book

Dadh Baronr
Introduction for constructed languages in MoriokaHiroyuki Works, specially Baronh(language of Abh).

Masutani's Nonfiction Book
I published a nonfiction book, entitled "The Tragedy of Hokutan Yubari Coal Mine," in mid-February 1996.

Critical essays on Tozaburo Ono(poet),Minoru Akita(author of Japanese farce),Shinici Makino and Meisei Goto(novelist).

The Byway of Reading
Dear People who like old tales of the east and west, especially, "Long, long ago" tales.About, Japanese classic literature, weird tails, Literature of written in English, and so on.

Hi, this is fumi. I am a university student whose major is journalism.Please come to see me. I will teach you Journalism and mass communication.See you then!

jun asano

GODAHOLIC is Takamura Kaoru&Gouda Series Fan Site.

The site is for the Japanese people living overseas to have information of several newly published books being sold in book shops in Japan. You could also order them by clicking link sign of publishers or book shops handling overseas delivery.

Salon Dreamin'
SF & Fantasy novel review.... AND NAMCO GALAXIAN^3 !!

Louis Adamic in Japan
I am a Japanese translator of noted Slovene-American immigrant author Louis Adamic and have straggled to translate his Collection for a many year,but it is financial difficulty.Please visite my site.From Amami Oshima,the far south island of Japan.

My name is Bob. I'm hungry! Becouse I'm very hungry.

Takayuki Suzuki, novelist/architect
architecture and litereture ! Takayuki Suzuki's work. BBS, LINK,and so on.

egami open index

wad's book review
Book review. Mainly nonfictions. Text in Japanese.

Seizo Watase Fan
Seizo Warase Works

This is Japanese comics' page.

Haruki Murakami is read
Haruki Murakami work was read now.

The Page of Lewis Carroll
The page of Lewis Carroll focusing on Japanese translation and Japanese books influenced by his works.

Survival Dealing/100 advises for investors
Topics introduced include various types of risks you can potentially face, essential factors affecting price movements, methods to collect the right materials to create own market scenario, ways to determine what suitable action should be taken under certain market conditions and why,etc.

tatsunosuke satake HP
im japanese write in milano.Photo,novel,blog.
It is the site which sees various subjects of a world from introduction of a book or a magazine. The subject of child-rearing, the business Internet, and a sport combative is carried by "the photogravure fixed point observation of the Young comic magazine", and a "squadron hero thing" and it.

sangokushi lovers hp.but japanese only.

Book recommendation by Keijim
Recommendation site of books, movies, music by Keijim. I would like to share pleasure with you!

The Secret Forest
This page is Harry Potter's fan site.I have a lot of Harry Potter's news and contents.I send "OWL newspaper"to Harry Potter's fan. Please come in!!

Attend a European cut and picture book - open lecture
An impression and a record of the woman who attended a European cut and picture book (Musashi University open lecture)

GAHA's cyber-space
This page introduce my life of studies in liberal arts, books movies, foreign language, mathematics and so on. I live to satisfy with my curiosity.

Why don't you read funny books?
Reviews of funny novels and essays are published in this blog.

Eugene@Kunishima's HP for Japanese Language
I am a master of Japanese Calligraphy. This HP is designed to focus onto the Hiragana whose meaning of birth from the Chinese Charactors.