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NY KAZE -A little bird told me about New York-Hot!
The author, who lives in New York, makes some suggestions for living abroad. In addition, the author reports music information in New York, such as the Juilliard Music school, how to improve your performance skills, jazz, classic, musical,and so on.

f Strings --- violin@webHot!
comprehensive information of the violin including information for beginners, searchable databases of hundreds of players, works, etc., readers' contribution, rankings, fortune telling, articles, etc.

The Goldberg Variations. The Well Tempered Clavier.
Please listen to the music "The Well Tempered Clavier""The Goldberg Variations""2part and 3part Invention"2

MIDI (Classic Music, Jazz) : Nocturne
Download free classical music and jazz MIDI files.

Site of Rachmaninoff, the greatest composer of Russia.

Pianisut,Piano teacher,Yasuo Sakamoto' Home page
I am Yasuo Sakamoto hope that everybody can enjoy and feel live music familiar not only in the concert hall.I preside over KLAVIER KLASSE and performed and play.  

Violin Friends
I have gathered how to practice instruments.

KCN's Home Page
900+ Bach MIDI Files. Also total 1,000+ Classic( Vivaldi, Mozart, Grieg, ...) MIDI files.
Composer, KUMAGAI Masaaki's official site. You can listen to his original music once a month.

Saitama Univ. Wind Orchestra Home Page
This is Saitama University Wind Orchestra Home Page. Concert Information, Members Lists, Links, Records of Past Concerts, etc.

This is the site of classic music, expecially keyboard and "basso continuo", including the diary of training in an ensamble group.

My homepage written in Japanese only now.But I want to make English page somedays. I like his music very much.You can see my CD collections. Please send me e-mail.

Some unofficial introductions to Japanese press and opinion, and links to informative sites on Japan. Though in Japanese, notes on music and HyperCard also available.

British style Brass band Links
British style brass band's world wide links page.

More than 150 MIDI files in my home page.Classics Japanese songs etc.

Concert Salon Yoshiko Takase Internet Piano Recital
Vertial recital of pianist Yoshiko Takase. You can listen my music by RealAudio.

Pianist Kazuaki Big Nishimura Web Site
Pianist Kazuaki Big Nishimura Web Site

Soprano Chon Wolson
Chon Wolson “The diva who crossed the strait ? 20 years of the Korean singer in Japan," featuring Wolson's career was broadcast on the Japanese national broadcasting station NHK.

An enthusiasm for Dennis Brain
Dennis Brain,a great horn player,was killed at the age of 36 in car accident on September 1st,1957. This website is full of various kinds of data,like Orcheatra solo Favorites,Solo Album collection,Concert Register etc.Check it!

Toru Ikeno's Horn Page
Amateur horn player with Sakata Philharmonic Orchestara, Yamagata. Articles on horn and horn playing. Don't forget to visit my Horn CD store and Horn book store.

Sendai City Symphony Orchestra
Sendai City Symphony Orchestra - Amateur orchestra in Sendai city. Concert guide etc.

Hisaya Sato Violin Official Website
Hisaya Sato Violin Official Website.Infomation.Profile.Concerts.Recordings.Discography.Repertoire.Chamber music.Kammermusik.Antiquarian Sheet music.Antiquariat Vergriffen Musiknoten.Geige.

Aulos Wind Orchestra
Hi! We are the Aulos Wind Orchestra, Kanagawa, Japan. We would like to play and give good wind music...

SoundPie(Music presented by Shin)
Charch music (Sacred music and Hymn for Christmas) is being presented with MIDI files.Besides, the original songs are to be released as well.

Flutist: Kaori Sion
Japanese female flutist.You can hear long sample music in this HP.

Numazu Symphony Orechestra
A community Orchestra in Numazu City, Shizuoka Pref. Japan.

The introduction of the opera singer, CharlotteChurch in the United Kingdom- ・・・ which the vocal of the angel ranges over now in the sound

Nakajima, Akiko
provides information on the Japanese soprano

Korea Opera Singer Chon Wolson brigdg the divided Korea 

Pianist Ayako Kimura's Homepage
Pianist Ayako Kimura's official site.

Violin Friends
I have collected your lesson for various instruments and revealed on homepage to give hints how to practice .

Shizuoka Fujieda east high school Wind Symphonica
FWS's introduction,Concert information,schooi song,etc...

Euphoniumist Minako Isibasi Official Web Site 
Euphoniumist Minako Isibasi Official Web Site 

The Little Singers of Tokyo 50th anniversary memorial
Little Singers of Tokyo is a children's choir in Japan. Its repertoir covers a wide range from Gregorian Chants to contemporary works. In this page, we would to introduce our 50th anniversary concerts series and activities in english.

Pastor Shinji's Home
Classic Guitar MP3, Midi, Phot(stained glass,pipe organ),Essay,Bible Q&A

Let's enjoy music!

Kansai City Philharmonic Orchestra (KCPO)
KCPO is the energish amateur orchestra in Osaka, Japan.Our motto is "Enjoy music and aim at one of the best amateur orchestras."

Composer of chorus music, brass music, etc.

Classical Short Piano Pieces Midi & MP3 Concert
This site is for the classic piano pieces MIDI & MP3.I am creating the MIDI file from SC-88Pro/Roland.The download for personal purposes is free. If my piano can entertain you, it is very glad.

Tokyo Akademische Kapelle
Orchestra and chorus in combination as a single society, constituted by amateur players and singers, and founded 1990 in Tokyo. We hold two regular concerts per year.

This site focuses on one of the greatest French composer/organist, Olivier Messiaen. Biography, Chronology, Works List, Musical Language, Works Guide, Analysis of "Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus", Discography, References, Links, BBS etc.

Classical MIDIs and Mozart's "The Magic Flute".

Music lesson
Hello,everybody.Thanking you in adzance.

My Music Room of Classical Piano, etc.
Don't you feel machine smell (monotone) from the performance of DTM musics? The classical piano (harpsichord also) musics in this room were prepared for such a listener. Please listern to them which wore human smell.
This page introduce the curriculum vitae, the main works and concert information of Isamu Tachihara who is one of the Japanese contemporary composer.

Classical Music Reviews
My Classical CD Collection,Hervert von Karajan,Concert Report

Developping Pianista
Classical piano music by a developping little pianist. SONATA:L.v.Beethoven and SONATINE:Fr.Kuhlau or so. Please listen! and give lessons to me!

Keio High Wagner Society Orchestra
Keio High School Wagner Society Orchestra and Keio Girls High School Wagner Society Orchestra official web page.Enjoy!

Keio High Wagner Society Orchestra
Keio High School Wagner Society Orchestra's official website.Have a good time!

Classical Music mp3 flac Free Download Historical Recordings Public Domain
Free Classical Music mp3 and flac Files