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oku's KUROUSA page.
You can download Macintosh game and see anime CG !

ANT WORKS Company SENRI Branch
We are one of the town user groups of the personal computer.We define the personal computers as daily use.It's our pleasure for you to present our ideas.

AppleScript PARK
The comprehensive information site of automation script language AppleScript for Mac.

MacDesktopshop - FreeWare/ShareWare for Macintosh
Here are many FreeWare and ShareWare for Macintosh and Newton with explanatory note and/or review, sorted out by name, by author and by category. And here is a full-text type search engine that will help your downloads.

Macintosh PowerBook 2400c customized machine!digitalHips model!Let's access!
webring,desktop picture,icon,link

M's Design Factory@=SuperCard=
Welcome to msdf web site.SuperCard Plactice, Download,DocumentPalm etc.

Mac Tips X
There are more than hundred tips of Mac OS in my site.

TVCM of APPLE of History is introduced, the poster of ThinkDifferent, too Publication The fresh information of Macintosh is being updated every day.

computer game and Macintosh scripting.

iPod Club
iPod and Music information site.