Computer / Microsoft Windows

It is a content such as Customize of X01T&G900.

Toru's DirectX Programming
My site is doing the lecture of DirectX.

Introduction to database for beginners
It is explained database language SQL, a design of a database, relational database structure and relational algebra operation by an introduction to database for beginners.

Windows Vista Cafe
The Windows Vista fan sight which gathered the information in order to utilize the operation system gWindows Vista" of the Microsoft corporation.

Calendar art made from Word
Original calendar publishing every month. Explanation of how to make calendar made from Word. Graphical operation and back technique introduction of Word. Method of looking through how to make original clip art, image, character, and clip etc.

Nasubi'S HomePage
This is Nasubi's Homepage.This Homepage is Japanese Only.contents is Personal Computer(Emulator,DVD-RAM,PC-KANTA..etc),Japanese Animation,Comic,Shout Story & Links.

It promptly introduces the latest, convenient tool.

Cloud Castle
If you wanna get tool for windows9X,come my site.although this is for Japanese, it may make ur PC more comfortable.

WoodenSoldier Software
ID Manager is incredible, sophisticated and full functional ID & Password management application software. There are much software introduced in the web site as well.

NeXT Station
NeXTStep like Application andDeskTopThemes Site!

PC Instructor Diary
I'm an PC Instructor.I'm authoring this site about what I'm studying as instructor every day.I wanna enjoy this homepage to person who go to PC school.Please come to my website!

Sakura Computer Systems
The introduction of its own work software is being done.The pleasant text editor "GoEditor" which wallpaper can be put in.A high-speed movement, the stock control "ZAIKO-BANTO" of the easy operation.It has convenient others, software.

Internet Start Pages
Windows, Word, Excel, Access, VBA, VB, Basic, Java,JavaScript, J++, C C++, DHTML, HTML, VRML, ActiveXMS-DOS, UNIX, CGI etc

PHP for very beginners
This is to show my experience how to study PHP through the bool "Basic PHP" from the very beginning.I had alreay faced many problems to understand what the book means due to the poor explanation especially after the chapter of "Class".However, I try to learn PHP still with this book.

Delphi Programming
There are some programs written by delphi. A Table Art Maker and A Physical Simulation using GPU, etc.

Naminori Zanmai
Various contents, such as Tips of a face character or windows and a bulletin board, are prepared


free games park
Get free games!Get a Marilyn Manson screen-saver!

Website of Keiji Saito
This is the website of KeijiSaito. I upload some files of Excel, STATA, TeX, and Web-search.

SolamireDoredore - The Review Site of PC and Music
The main content of this site is Review. I introduce the software (or something) which I used and the my favorite musics in this site "SolamireDoredore". CAUTION: I use JAPANESE in this site.

AutoCad Mnual
It greatly introduces a convenient usage of auto CAD. Can you master auto CAD?Let's master CAD.

computown nagasaki
this computer shop

Main Contents:1,Freewares Total Downloads OVER 40000!2,My Orginal Graphics3,My Original MIDI4,My Original Text etc....Personal WEB site filled with my original contents!

Hiro Software's Homepage
This page is introduce of my Free software.

Akane-kun's Labratory
Akane-kun's Labratory is a private web site.You can read my diary and hobby information in this site.

Freewares for Windows and Internet
Free softwares written by VB6 for Windows are in this web page. They are, Converter of Internet History to HTML files, Searcher for Favorites, Utility for Web furfing, etc.

What's MSU?

I think this page must be a interesting site.So I want to refresh it as soon as I can.If you have a free time,please see me!

Arm And Arts
Programming tools for Windowsand miscellaneous information

There is free graphcis software 'PictBear'

miyakemusi's page

Sankaku - The Unfolded Tetrahedron Earthmap
Sankaku is a software program that can create an unfolded tetrahedron image from a cylindrical projection image. Sankaku converts a two dimensional image into a picture with four sides, a tetrahedron.

ABC"OROTI" creates adventure game for WIN

Programming Library
VB/VC/Delphi/CGI/Perl Page

BCB(Borland C++ Builder)Tips And Free Software Download.

ITAYA's Home Page
Windows 2000/XP TIPSAll about MultibootDetailed description of Windows 2000/XP ControlPanelHow to use RemoteDesktop & RemoteAssisetc.

Providing FREETWARE software: ID Manager, Mail Distributor, etc.C#, Java Programming Tips.

Downloadable cool screen savers and desktop utilities.

rarara's Programers Lounge
VC++,C#,Java,VB,Web BBS

Windows 7 information
Windows 7 information

Altech Download Site
You can find software from all over the world, in Japanese.

PepoLinux is Remote-Hand for network-workers.
Are you using linux for the maintenance of the network?Remote-hand is a useful tool for networker can do a setup of an environment of linux easily on MS-Windows.The trouble of the network which it left far if it was used is diagnosed quickly, and completely solved.
pc software presentation web site

WinAPI Database for VB Programmer
This site is API reference for Japanese vb programmer.

Multas Creative Laboratory
Creator's portal site.

RightClick Extension RIGHT WANDS
This is a site which distributes the freeware which extends the right-click menu of a browser. The name is RightWands.

DOS/V Laboratory
This page for All dos/v fan

Method of operating selfish personal computer
I introduce the slight art and skill that convenience assumes a PC it comfortably, convenient free software.

all freesoft
All free software introduces free software to be usable by the latest Windows OS. Version up information, free software news, update information.