Information and Computer

Tokyo Mouse MuseumHot!
The World Greatest Mouse Museum.

Osaka Nipponbashi MapHot!
Osaka Nipponbashi Map

VBA action Games? Let's move on ExcelHot!
Many action games (freeware) which move on Excel and a worksheet are raised. Advice to VB beginner by interview (a masterpiece with description and maiden work can also be downloaded) to the cards puzzle creation method or the free software author is also.

Excel Skill Training HallHot!
This site provides tips on effective ways of using Excel. Unfortunately the tips are only published in Japanese. I also send daily news letter which includes Excel Tips. If you understand Japanese and want to receive a news letter with lots of Excel tips, you can register in this site.

BeOS the Best
This page suplies a lot of Tips and howtos of BeOS!!

Shojiro Akiba
Real Time UNIX for your reference.

Museum of VBAProgramCode
ProgramCode of ExcelVBA

kmq430 HomePage
Welcome to kmq430 Yukihiro Matsumi's.I'm grateful for your valuable meet.

Historic Personal Computer Leaflets
Here is a collection of leaflets of historic(1979-84) PC.

Dynamic analysys page!

Linux - Slackware/Laser5 Setting Memo
Wrote to Setting for Slackware or Laser5 Linux.

ConvertZone - file converter zone
Adobe Acrobat plug-ins and batch programs to convert between pdf, doc, html, excel and text files

Yasuhiro's HomePage !
You can DawnLoad free software(ex. MineSweeper, WallPaperChanger) that made of Excel VBA. And some another useful programs, too! Let's DownLoad immediately!

Ready to run Linux and X Window, Linux MLD 4
PC-UNIX with easy installer. Ready to run Linux and X Window. Install without re-partitioning. Japanese environment ready. Easy set up for network and printer. This package includes useful insaller manuls.

download Free,Software
Free,Software,Downloads,Reviews,Pic.Filter,World clock,web editer.

Syuhitu the Text Editor for Solaris
Syuhitu is the text editor for Solaris. It aims simple user interface and ease of use.

Systems Engeneer's Skill-Up
Technical information: programming language, OS, database(XML, Oracle). HTML and cascade stylesheet reference.

microsoft office
microsoft office

Newton @ - AtMark -
Do you know Newton ? It's a name of PDA device by Apple Computer Inc."Newton@-AtMark-" offers daily Newton news in Japanese. Newton@-AtMark- has 1,000 access a day !! Please come to my site. Webmaster : takefumi sugiyama


1200 human figure data
These are the data of Human-figure as background for sectioned and elevated architecture drawings.The 3 types of data format available are: MCD (later than Vector Works8), DXF, EPS. Downloading is all time all free after signing up.

Introduction to PHP for beginner
It explains the basic knowledge of PHP of the environmental construction method of PHP, the grammar, the function, and the operator, etc.

A Paintchat server's installation and operation method.

business pc technic
business pc technic homepage


Lovers in Call center
For the workers in Call-Center.

Sun EternityBLOG
It is a site delivered by various of useful information etc. on blog programming development diary, the game review, and PC that exposes this desire in daily life of every day introduction & material.