Costume Play

After school,"Costume-Play"ClubCool!
Actually, whether is it a true purpose or not "costume-play" indeed !?(Sorry,THIS SITE is only Japanese Lang.!)

This site is Midori's cosplay site.

pipipi's WEB
I am a cosplayar. There is a minor costume play picture photographed in the event in this page.

FINAL FANTASY,KINGDOM HEARTS! PERSONA!!BATTLE ROYALE.(Sorry this site's language is Japanese only)

HARUNA's Hideout!! Cosplya girl LOVE!
The site of cute cosplay girlThere are many cosplay photographs and fan art.Cute cosplay girl, and a message exchange are possible.Come by all means.(*^-^*)

Costume player's photo "kumapu's room"
Hello!This page is anime and game character costumeplayer's photo homepage.Renewal:every monthCheck it "kumapu's room"!!

Photo's Link Site!!

Cosplay site link collection which can report a photograph

Costume play site of Shioru and Kairi"Mercury"
Costume play site by sisters of Shioru and Kairi. The photograph of 12 country record, the neo-romance game, and FINALFANTASY is published. Managers understand English a little though it is a site composed only of Japanese.

Monthly Photo Club C
Chisa's photogallery!

GrowHair Photo Gallery
Photos of "CosPlay" girls in Harajuku, Tokyo.See how those girls, mostly junior/senior highschool studens, scare/entertain passers-bywith their amazing costume. Some are cute.Others are, ur..., gothic. After all, they aredressed after their favorite band members oranime characters.

This is akaneko's personal costume play of comic and animation. Interesting pictures are lots. Come once,if you are interested in Japanese animation. Site is written in Japanese,but I am happy to accept letters that written in English!

There are many costume-play photographs of TVgame, animation and comics characters.

Game capture site [Monhan Try!]@
It is game capture site "[Monhan Try!]. " of monster hunter 3. Contents with a happy costume play contest and four-frame comic, etc. to say nothing of game capture information are plenty.

emade in jyapan cosplay

The main contents of this site are "Cosplay" and The BL game "Sukisyo" Regrettably the text here is only Japanese.

cospiog = cosplay + weblog
information of cosplay circle in COMIC MARKET

Cosplay site!