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Daily life of hideKING

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missile HARADA2004
Who〜!I can't speak inglish!!sorryyyyyy!!this HP maked "DAME NINNGENN(bad human)" HARADA......hmm......you...Are you knou "DRAGON BALL"? ..........ha..haha

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japanese gal hanter diarypic up!

Yuie's HP- In Taiwan
This is a great personal homepage by a student at Taipei American School, named Yuie. There is my personal diary!!!You'll be an expert in the information about Taiwan by just reading it. You gotta visit here!

Miscellaneous Notes
I am a graduate student of economics in Tokyo. This page is a list of miscellaneous notes.

Piyon's Debt Repayment Diary
It is a diary of the debt repayment of Piyon.

Yoshi's Room
I be because I made HP for the first timethe diary and My Boom the place of now is main.From now on, I buy a digital camera and be going to going to put in even the image of I myself.Yet this HP is only Japanese.You may be dull even if you see this HP, if Japanese does not understand.

Rayfox's Homepage!
Welcome to Rayfox's Homepage.Please Enjoy! :-)

There is Diary BBS Materials etc in here.This is Japanese site.

Sorry this page is Japanese only.

Atsushi's Diary
Free software introduction, funny the diary of the flash, the game and everyday life, link collection, and so on and so on there is a large quantity. It is in the midst of mutual link collecting. As for the person who takes paulownia turn the mail waiting, the. Get to Gmail.

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21 century spear carrier
Hallo!!Let's enjoy my diary!!!!!!!

ryosuke room
I give a diary or a bulletin board. It is often that I write the evidence in a diary. Because I bought a digital camera these days, I give a photograph.

Fourth Wind
Diary and essay

JAPAN rettoukakumeisensen
i'm sorry. I can't write English.

girs illust and diary
girs illust and diary

Daily journals, thoughts about today's Japan or world.English journals weekly or daily update.Your eyes will see real Japanese scene.

Columns about arcade game, dojin, shrine maiden ,etc.

Shunsuke Morinsihi's Home Page
This page contains brief introduction myself and detailed contents of my thesis about artificial neural network appliction for welding problems. In the near futur, java based program would be availableon this site. SO stay tuned. :-)

Nao's Monologue
Short essays written by a Japanese webmaster "Nao Fenix". Any topics can be presented, serious or trivial.Note that all essays are written in Japanese.

Tommy's Blog
Tommy's Blog

Coffee Break
Please access my web site. Of course you may my English messege on the radio. I'm looking forward to visiting mine.

houston dialy
Let's wonder if you live forign country...This is about HOUSTON LIFE what I feel,enjoy, think,miss,brave and so on.Let's look around it.

From the place in the sun
Written in Japanese.Diary from California. :)

Good Luck!!!!

Frontier district RAGNAROK ONLINE Fansite

Atsushi's Bookfactory
Please Come on.I game,Diary,,,

Have a look! You can see my lovely kid Taiga's funny photos & my families photos.

Welcome to my Homepage.

Caulfield's Room
Hi,there!The main contents of my homepage is my diary,I am trying to up date evry day or every other day.To go to the English page, please click theword ENGLISH on the top page.Please come and visit my homepage!


The pressure of the world around you is such heavily weigh that no one can be pure for long. But if at this right moment, while we've still got our innocency, wouldn't you wish to keep it?

Cold Brains

Warashibeyossy's Diary
Jazz & Essay

uncertain world
write diary and publishing interest news!

diary of kensuke.net

Yoyogi Diary
A Diary of Yoyogi life. Living guide for Jingu,Harajuku,Shinjuku,Shibuya of Tokyo.


this site is individual -- there is especially no meaning -- it completely has and is an impolite site A diary, HETAKUSO lomo, a T-shirt design, etc.

Welcome to my site.My site is about my life and my favorite thing.I want to welcome many people to my site.Please come!!

It barks and wins
Skiing Sport club Professional baseball Hot spring A man's aesthetics


I'm a 23-year-old journalism student at San Francisco State University living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

mario314 WEbSitE
Website of mario314 who belongs to The University of Tokyo. Contents are: diary, essay, travelmemory, VOW, GAKU-MC, Exams, and so on. Come and see my SitE!

This is wonderful!!and exciting!produced by Shinpei that is high school student.

oisiikeijibann&sainannkeijibann de-su

I live in now!
An important heart as a Japanese such as old samurai spirit is forgotten now. Bullying and suicide. A fight between countries. I live in now! Let's think to one thing cord!

Envy Inc.
A blog ruy by a Japanese born New Zealand resident. Well... first, you need to learn Japanese to read I guess.

Marika Kaise's Room
Marika Kaise(SLIDE KISS vocal)'s Home Page.Diary&Free Talk.Kaori's personal Home Page.

king kazu

Pine Cafe
Let's tea time!

My recommendation
Introducing various things I tried or I liked.

Welcome!SAKI's Homepage.poem,illust,diary,photo...

Earthly thought the warehouse
Certain IT companies and the controversy, in charge of fruit and vegetable experiences, and environmental issues touched travels attacked soccer attacked baseball attacked. The theme of the drawing to no avail "sanji" all human.

Shin - Kokin - Syui - Mihow - Genzo - Isyo
Easy reading. 1min, short essayblog for live.

Uepon's Toybox
Sorry....Japanese onry

Oresama's HomePage
international oresama's diary.beauty & cool talkingz!!

Mission coordinator Masato Nakamura
Masato Nakamura give you the best mission for your life.

Oh my god!They killed kenny!

hey there, how you doing? all you have to do is click this
hello, this page consists of my journals and some other stuff, ya know. some pages were written in Japanese, but almost pages were in English, so dont worry about that. why dont you click this link now? come over here and emal me. bye

If you're interested in Penpals, please come to my page.

After the ball
For clarity of vision records.

A very hot intense blog
There is likely to be no deep meaning and, in fact, it is. It is a blog of such a deep talk.

I am kuramu!This page is young people only!Joking! Come on everybody!!!(^^)

RikoHigasio In Tsukuba
RikoHigasio In Tsukuba

I provide various content for you. You should watch this site when you wanna relax!

THIS is joke site . come on !

sick sad tokyo
No money. No partner. No work. Illustrated Diary showing you what it is like if your life sucks.

diary is enjoy

boat,drive in.
hi!i like Citrus(Japanese musician)

This is my diary!I am 17 Girl!!


69 to the future!
Personal blog.

Joyful mom's diary and story! I am raising 3 kids and still am making time for myself by reading murder mysteries, doing exciting crafts!among lots of other hobbies.



Re Action
This homepage has interesting Diary and simple CGI game.

Let's walk hand in hand.I live in Hyogo and my boyfriend lives in Nagasaki.It is too hard for us.But we have known with each other...

I introduce the diary that a frog and a kappa of a doll are happy. I can enjoy it from a child to an adult.

Wind of greenarya travel -- the interesting experience talk
The diary which spelled the daily thought. If a countryfolk goes to travel, what does it become? Those with an earnest report which are never jokes. There is no station of a train in the town in which it lives!

A future delusion
A future delusion

Life in Israel
Family life in Israel

It's Genre free blog.Sorry this japanese only.

Welcome home, The Miyagaki's.
We are the Miyagaki's lives in Ikeda city located north Osaka.

Carrot Taro's Diary
Taro is common name.This site is simple diary.All japanese.Welcome!

shanghai's life

Travelling Alone in Japan and Europe
Once upon a time, there was a very unknown Japanese who left his home travelling or hitchhiking,wanting to experience his own country Japan everyday. Then, he decided to do the same in Europe! He did it. He is now travelling again, but in his virtual writing on his good all days.

International Student Ameri
Hi!I'm an international student form Japan.Now I live in US, and I go to University of I live in US, and I go to University of Central Oklahoma!In this web-site, I gonna introduce to my life-style and my school. My page has English translated page,So Prease come to feel free!

kung diary
Living and Travel information of King of Thailand,Hua HinUbon Ratchathani

Ginko Fujinami

Caffe Fermata
I'm university student. I keep a diary (about everyday life:school life and dormitory life and more) in this page. * Sorry! Japanese only!

[*] Akira The Kid --News IT LifeStyle--
media story in Japanpersonal diary


Hasegawa Atsushi no ezonogishigishi

I am librarian.
Please drop in.

White Pocket
Hi! My Name is mokomon! Japanese cool guy!!Yeah!! "White Pocket" is my site!!The main content of this site is Diary.And I show some music I made in this site.But these contents are all written by only Japanese.But... maybe...You can enjoy my music...So please Click to my site!!See ya!!

Road of the president -English&Japanese Blog-
I am a Japanese housewife and I have a dream. My dream is I will have company of English study system and become president but my English is poor. I am practiceing English on my site. Please help my dream!!

boobee column
come on

hi.nice to meet you.i am gravegrinder.i am girl. this site is my diary and illustlation site. i like death metal music.i like horrer movie.please come on.

Sekainikki -The World Diary-
Everyday update!The diary of Japanese student in California.What I felt against the world situation and what I experienced in my life.Don't miss it! but all Japanese, sorry.

goddam colonel Diary
(This sentence is sentences translated on the translation site.) Social conditions are spelt by the short sentence in the character roll aspect every day.

MINER INFOMATIONS;about COMICS,cinema,music,art- exevit'

The crab or the crab or the crab is a site of favorite man. The news that which is an attention program and anxious is updated daily ..the main special effects it... Please look if it is good.


Kasumi's Diary
This is a website written by Kasumi Ishioka. Please enjoy :-)

Japanese girl noidolHP!
Japanese girl,noidol's Home page.pleasant daily life essaies.Japanese Only.

Dragon tree's HP
Interesting HP of diary and image, etc.The diary is especially recommended.It is happy even if coming every day.

JapaneseColumn "Bravo!?"
This site is Japanese. Everyday interesting episode is written in Japanese. Of course, it is O.K. even if it writes in a bulletin board in English.


The Gambarumba Project

Photo Diary
its cragy!

tennensuitaro's diary
tennensuitaro's diary

My Real Blog!

Talking about Ski,Motor sports, Car (Especially Alfa Romeo)R&B music and Club in BBS and Weblog

Is it a life or a death?
In daily life, it is a diary of the high school girl who is getting a mental disease like the wrist cut etc.

taikidons father
taikidons father

fukui gourmet diary

Tavern diary
It is a manager in the tavern. It is a diary that introduces the event etc. on business of every day.

It is a conditions nature and a diary.
My usual conditions unrestrained livesIt is thought that it introduces it to remaining the conditions nature it.

tunakan's Indecision
And they lived happilyever after.

THE "India methot mathmetical"
A JApanese make this page.but there are intersting image if you click "続きを読む".The intelligence will be utilized.I am the intention of answering tothe utmost in English in English comment.(My sentence the impoliteness did in the long sentence.)Thank you.

Make: Biotechnology on your time
It is a blog of the sightseeing spot, the event introduction of the Osaka city and the surrounding area, and the food Information. The photograph by way of an attached camera of the cellular phone is published.

school struggle record
It is a cluttery blog that "Atsgen" of the junior high school student of the active service unfolds.

This side very limit one step U
We three fools come near, it becomes strong, and it appears again. Three people are in the blog almost updated daily, and it lends interesting and there is Tsz in each work, the hobby, and daily life ..the felt trifling event.. ..turning over...

remote eccentric dizzy diary
This blog has a lot of contents about my daily life such as political issues and coocking. Visitting us is a great resource!

from hiroshima

The site is blog written by student who likes animation!!

Hiroya's Web site. Personal dialy and maniac topics.


Photo diary of TOMOTAKE and NANA
I take my wife with EOS5D. We enjoy happy life.There is happiness near ourself.

Samurai EXP
Samurai EXP is a blog that MASAMUNE has managed in Japan. Sentences interesting as you and other you can enjoy it are written every day. ENJOY!!

Hummer info blog.

I review the article of the convenience store
I review the article of the convenience store


upside down
a boy never meets girl!!!!

Desire to impression artists of movie and TV drama that receives "Poetry, writing songs,composition, and novel" of making by oneself and impression etc.


RIKO life
Struggle diary where woman who was negative thinking due to mental disease began to walk positively

Negative Fantasy
Let's negative thinking!

Maido, Micchomu desu.
This is my blog, focusing on Japanese games, figures, and various gadgets. (e.g. Nihon falcom, Keroro Gunso, Vocaloid, etc.)Let's have fun!!



Endless Ozora zone
With eternal youth and good looks, handsome old man of mystery, I have to work hard for truth, justice, and love and compassion. Do you also together.

8-dimensional pocket
At least a designer is an occurrence diary of ふ. I think that I will spell the grumble of a company, the grumble of a company, the grumble of a company, etc.

orion world

Mom diary hostess
Diary of life very rambunctious son mom and one child with hostesses.

South India "Mangalore" We are Japanese. funny info for you!!
It is South India information of M's Family Surprised Indians who are interested in Japanese is a lot!!I tell you about the interesting information "Mangalore" city, not on a trip to the magazine.

Connect Diary
US Connect Diary

Takuma Sugawara
My Homepage.I like to composing,and playng the piano.Please looking my page if you have time.

Ayu's Life Diary
I write notes and comments useful for life in here.

Dream: Explore. Physics and Dream
This page is the diary written by me, a student who specializes in physics.

isLog is the blog I'm writing about the destination and the gourmet recommended focusing on daily trip with the motto of "to live every day, by itself, trip"

Bagel's blog ★ nomads!
That felt usually (is the main story of information equipment. Beyond that, 100 and talk Toka products of average, vehicle, I think also up Toka landscape photo.) Is the main.Is the main enclosed called "Diary", but is not limited to it, with the aim of site that can everyone is interested.

Ryouichi's World
It's the world of Ryouichi.Contradiction in the world and world will try to advance now.It's the worldview judged from my eye. My worldview was written by poetry,prose and a natural science.It's a thing.If you drop in and feel something by all means,I'm happy.

hello,this is chuukuu.you play.play with cray.

It is a detail introduction to blog as much as possible the experience that has been invested in growth stocks investment. Each speed is slow, but we will write a blog to be able to provide information to help people as much as possible so thank you.