Drink ReviewHot!
Talk about Old Soft drink and Exentric Soft drink in Japan.(Written in Japanese language. Before you read this site, Access to Macine Translation site. )

Hi there! Are you interested in Starbucks Addicts in Japan?There're about 60 Starbucks Coffee here in Japan,and we love mocha,latte,and Coffe Jelly Frappucino(Japan only)too!Why don't you sign our starbucks messageboard?

saekom kitchen bar
I take pics in my kitchen,sake,whisky,wine....and food.It's written in Japanese and English.I'm not good at English,but sign and mail in English please

saekom kitchen bar
I take pics in my kitchenbeer,wine,whisky,sake...etc and food. BGM is jazz MIDIIf you mind to visite my HP(but it's written in Japanease)and sign guestbook(English o.k)

NESCAFE research institute
Comparison of NESCFE.

Tea Information : ochao
Tea,Green Tea,Chinese Tea,Afternoon Tea:::ochao

100% Cocktail
Cocktail Search Engine

International Beer Lovers' Club
Impression for world beer.

Pomerol wine and Petrus
Pomerol wine is my favorite wine.Petrus is the best of Pomerol wine.


Local Sake and Tamari in Aichi
This site is about local sake in Aichi and Tamari, which is a traditional thick soy sauce made from miso.

DJ Club in Nagoya
Music, clubs, DJ with delicious drinks.

How not to eat too much nor get fat with Izakaya menu
Izakaya or a Japanese bar, has very attractive menu and people often eat too much there. This site will tell you how not to eat too much and also healthy menu.