Education, Child-rearing

Social Study of Shisuiken
This platform page was established for person who take inerest in society department education. We are waiting for your visit.

Japan Logo Home Page
This page introduces Logo programming language in Japan.

Dr.Masafumi Ogawa's Music Education Laboratory
Website of Prof.Ogawa at Joetus University of Education. Those who are looking for some ideas on music teacher education in Japan and wishing to exchage opinions for the betterment of public music education should visit and share many things.

mk pepe SweetHome 2910
Child Care/you can see some photograph of my family and baby. My baby has egg allergy but now, pretty good! I have [Enjoy ABC]and[Enjoy Japanese]-study words in my site,too.

WebKKC on the Web
This site produces KWIC concordance on your browser.

Waka Info-edu Institute
I am Takanori Wakabayashi. I teach English at Gunma Prefectural Isesaki Higashi High School. I'd like to talk about "Education." I also inform you of Table Tennis and New Zealand Exchange Program.

Elementary school teaching correction
This is the HP for the teachers who want to improve teaching skills.I am teacher of elementary school in japan.I take charge of the first year class.

Univercity is ok.We want to go to Univercity of Tokyo.

Hiyoko Mama Diary
New figure..mama..every day..struggle..record..around..pregnancy..birth..child of information..deliver.♪ that waits for child care information from you

Tuyosi akanuma
My name is tuyosiakanuma

AOBA ward Researcher
We are AOBA ward researcher.We show informations of this area. We also inform you about trains(Limited express, Shinkansen Super express and Thomas the tank engine and his friends).Visit and enjoy our page, please!

Study of teaching arithmetic
Since April 2002, Saturdays and Sundays are regular holidays at Japanese schools. Kids go to school 5 days a week. Arithmetic and mathematics became much more simple than ever. Many people wonder if it realize the education that meets the needs of future technology.

opinion of Monami
A 10 year old girl explores the internet and has decided to help her friends join users of the internet. offers a list of links that help school students to study many subjects.

Let's study in UK! Full of stories based on my own experiences. Japanese only, but you can cantact in English!

Kanjist=to help to study kanji

Lonely Island on a Planet
What it's like to go through high school and college admission in United States.Also included is description of life in University of Michigan

Beautiful Rain -Studying Abroad-
Miu's studying-abroad diary. LInks to certification studies, study-abroad, language study. I'm an university student in California from Japan. Please enjoy my poems, too.

mario314 WEbSitE
I support examinees those who want to enter universities or high-level junior high school. I also have some contents about diary, travelmemories, essay, and so on.

Opinion of Miss Monami
Miss Monami explains to her friends how to use internet for use in studying scholl homeworks. There are many pages of links in such fields as animal, pet, dance and school.


Beneath the fragrant tree.
charts are made through experiences and real uses of "Edutiment" CDs.When you are curious to know YOBIKOUs, coaching schools in Japan, this URL will be of service.If you are a good follower of media hype, don't see this.Sorry! Written in Japanese.

Learn Japanese Through Pictures
Fun pictureblog with more than 1000 pictures and 500 lesson to learn Japanese for free.

Recommendation of a graduate school entrance examination
This time of job shortage. There is not only employment but a course of going to a graduate school. The entrance into a school of higher grade and studying abroad which are not so familiar were summarized based on experience. Please have a look once.

Michan Cafe
Michan Cafe is a childcare diary. I live in Japan.

Japanese American single Mom
I'm Japnese single mom live in USI like to share my divorce and cort experiencewith anybody who need infomation about divorce or cusdoty battle in the cort even not divorce still come on my web page and let girls talk!

A flash card of a mom
You can experience a dotu card & flash card to be good for the right brain on a PC

Japanese single mom in US
Hi!I'm japanese girl who just divorce.and I went through this hell my self and that is not cool. I wanted somebody listen to me. now I think I will be the one for some bodyHey I'm here! I can not d everything but I can do some ,Let me hear you first(sorry Japanese only)

for Teachers and Students

Michikusa(Load-side-Flower?) Network
My baby's birthday is Dec13/1998..!!Dairy,atopy,link etc...(japan)

Milky Way
This website is provided by an educator in US. You will be able to learn American Child Care, Development, and Discipline.


Keiso Katsura's Web search center
This site must be most adequate for professional libraians and library science students who are mainly interested in reference works. Furthermore, it may be also useful for foreigners who want to get access to Japanese information. For this, the English version is prepared.

Japanese Society of Biological Education
Information Services for teachers of Biological Science in Japan

MBA Lecture Note
You can look over what the MBA teaches and what's going on with the business world right now. Besides, you can know the industry and corporation analysis.

Tanpopo Family
We are a Tanpopo family of HIPOO FAMILY CLUB 

Solved JAPAN
This site is "a study site for the student by the student" made for many students who study. Please use for preparation, or review and self-study. Since Japanese people made, although it is created in Japanese now, I want to carry out public presentation in English one of these days.

Lecture notes Bank
Many lecture notes are available! But It's just Japanese...

Kazu's Study Abroad in San Diego
This website is about studying abroad in San Diego, based on my personal experience.

Nomally pass you the entrance examination to the University of Tokyo
It is not a person of special talent but just an ordinary examinee who become the successful candidate. Be sure to get Satoru's method of passing the entrance examination for Tokyo University.

Free Web English School
This Web site was created in order to learn a 6 years-old child's English from 2 years old. All are constituted by the sound and the picture. hearing and looking English is learned by things.


Magenta's child-rearing in a bilingual
I write a blog how to raise my children in a bilingual English and Japanese. Come and Enjoy!

This is Donchan's PICTURE BOOK Homepage.please show my page.

Our map symbol
Introduction the Japanese map symbol. Explanation of the shape, the meaning and structure. It learns in elementary school. There is card game using the map symbol.

Studying Abroad to Stanford University
Studying Abroad to Stanford University

Disappearance of capitalism, Right of the citizen
Online Games,Right brain/motor nerve Training,Online Stories,Real leader,Japanes pension system,Easy Confucianism,Statistics Map,World Pen pals,World questionnaire,Wonderful Images,Poems,Caricature

Donburaco's illust diary
I'm 2kids mother.Junior High School boy and elementary school girl.check my illustration.

Welcome to Orchidsbooks
Welcome to Orchidsbooks. Orchids are the baby of the botanical family; they were the very last born in the plant kingdom, after all other plants took over comfortable habitats.

Beginners Papa
Papa Beginners' everyday blog

Knowledge Town
This is very good science site!!There are new science information every time!!

English-Japanese dictionary
RomajiDesu is a comprehensive and easy to use bidirectional Japanese-English dictionary. It features a unified input that you can type either English, or Japanese, or Romaji. Romajidesu has a dedicated mobile version, sample sentences, audio pronunciation and other useful tools