Qualifying Examination

Malaysian Enlish Society in TokyoNew!
Malaysian English Society in TokyoThis society is composed of Japanese people planing to immigrate to or stay in Malaysia for some substantial time, and also Malaysian people willing to help those activities. Non-Japanese are free of charge.

memorize helperNew!
software for memorization

Nara's TADOKU DiaryHot!
Enjoy,Children's books!

CPA Terasaka's Home Page
All about Certified Public Accountants in Japan!!

MBA reports: HEC, ISA, France(96-98). Aoyama Gakuin Univ.(GSIB/94-96). Living in Paris (96-98). Living in US Silicon Valley (91-92). Airplaine illusts. Japanese - English bilingual.

TOEFL Master
UCLA grad introduces you the secret of attacking TOEFL. Included is the information of US colleges and universities, recommended books, and strategies to the test.

hiro magazine
If you really want to learn EnglishWhy dontyou join my HP?

Takken Dantotsu Strategy
This site has the strategy for passing the exam of Realestate Professional Certification. All you need to do is Knowing this Strategy!

An English-Japanese Dictionary of Electrical Engineering
This is an English-Japanese Power System Glossary.

Let's Get Together!
LGT is a friendship circle in Tokyo area for all nationality. Let's enjoy the diversity of people in Tokyo, people from more than twenty different countries will meet there. FREE invitation will be given to the first person from each different country to join!

cercle d'amis friends circle
This is the site for unit the people who want contact to the francophones or the japaneses.There are a chatroom and BBS, you can use them to find your friends. But this is for the people who like the Japan. Because all the japanes friends in this site like the francophonies.

Learn Japanese with Bilingula Manga 12 language
Jack Halpern, a linguist in a command of 12 languages, talks about how to learn Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and French with bilingual manga.

Japanese law school 1st generation
The author, lawsuke, middle age "salaryman" is trying admission examination of Japanese law school to be founded from 2004.

Civil servant site ranking
It is a ranking of the site where the Internet is used and it introduces information related to the civil servant. Please visit by all means because any site is a wonderful content.Please feel free to register of those who manage the site related to the civil servant.

Firenze information : IL LEVANTE
Firenze informations : Italian language schools,Hotels,Restaurants,Markets,ect.There are many photoes and map.

This site is for the use of both Japanese learners and teachers of English.If you are interested in English education in Japan, please visit us.

Online a2spelling - American Dictionary
American Dictionary which is AsifSound-like alphabet INPUT, and Spelling OUTPUT.Look up by sound/pronunciation, not by spelling.

# -)'s! ||| CPA |||
Giving JAPANESE language information about Uniform CPA Examination for Japanese candidates or future candidates!

Utopia Esperanto
This is homepage about Esperanto, international language. If you are esperantisto, would you read my pages except japanese page?


A guide for Japanese students to study in the United States
Welcome all Japanese students in the United States!! Minnesota info.

lawer and due prosess of law
I wirite lawer and due prosess of law in japan

English Pronunciation & Vocabulary
This site shows how to learn English Pronunciation & Vocabulary quickly and effectively for the Japanese people.

Display in Cursive Style
displays in Cursive Style

Flatsharing in Tokyo
Flatsharing how-to is served in Japanese for Japanese people most of whom never know flatsharing in their life.

Indispensable to you who aim at a flight attendant
The announcement inside the plane which a former international airline stewardess teaches, and useful English conversation

Wollen wir Mails auf Deutsch.
Schreiben Sie Deiner Freundinnen! Viel Spass!

Learning foreign languages
The blog elaborates how the writer has been studying English, Spanish, Chinese and French.Languages are after all useful tools for promoting international friendship, doing business, and exploring the world.

J-termer Diary
Weblog of a student of Columbia Business School

[sound] vs. [spelling] English Dictionary
[AsifSound vs. Spelling - American Dictionary]:Can you write the word "covenant" correctly?

Diary and essays of my days at Georgetown MBA. Pictures from drive across USA. Also, language exchange bulletin board.

English Mastery Simplified
Most common english mistakes can be avoided by the use of some simple rules.

News commentary by Kazenotayori.

OPEN SESAME! Welcome to the World of Language
Welcome (back) to my website! This site is a must-visit for all those who are intrigued by language!! So lay back and enjoy!

EverythingForeign Making life abroad easier...
This site has everything you need to know about living in Japan, especially Osaka. You can find information on restaurants, movies, Consulates & Ward offices, banking in Japanese, and even some ESL Resources for all you teachers out there!

Eriko's English and Spanish Study Diary
Hi!! I'm Eriko! I study English and Spanish everyday. Please come my blog and cheer me up!!

Net de Mosi
Online dry run of Information-Technology Engineers Examination is being offered free of charge.

Yasuyuki Miyagi
A Web Site by a Japanese Germanist and philosopher Yasuyuki Miyagi who has studied in Tokyo and Vienna. In this Site you can find an introduction into his works, materials for German studies and philosophy, and links to scientific, cultural and practical sites mainly in English, German and Japanese.

BBS on Advanced English Language Studies for Japanese People
BBS for questions and discussions on advanced English language studies for Japanese people.

KOTONAVI.COM Keyword Search Tool
Keyword Search Website. Wikipedia,YouTube Movie,Dictionary,Yahoo!Auction etc.

English Conversation for English Learner
This is a blog introducing interesting English exprassions that I find in my everyday life for Japanese people.

U2E `U & Entertainment & Education`
This website is to teach and to learn English and many things using Video Games and Comics etc.I'll be so glad If you are able to read Japanese and are willing to help teaching English.*There's a guideline of Devil May Cry4 in English.

How to get a perfect score on the TOEIC test
I'm living in Japan and learning English. One of my goals is to get a perfect score on TOEIC. This blog is supposed to be continued until I get it.

Columbia MBA
I am studying at Columbia Business School until 2010.

How to speak english like an american
You can learn how to speak English like an American just by practicing.

Necessary Documents to register as a Tax Accountant
A website about necessary documents to register as a tax accountant, case you will be rejected, and required experience.