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MySite is .... I wrote News, Diary, and My Linux Diary.

Island of opinion
Column collection which collected opinions. The opinion of everybody is recruited.

Nomadological Essays. -- To cultivate a new space after the death of God.
Essays concerning nomadologie. To cultivate a new space after the "death of the God", important thinkers are assembled. A.Artaud, Ch.Yamanaka, Kenji Miyazawa, Miyuki Nakajima etc.. What here is, is really important thinking. Come and read it!

YT Revolution
Hi!! This is net-radio site.Please listen to the interesting talk.

The meeting Japan headquarters of a super secret society オバ Q line friend
Come to a play after doing it into a rest room because but ー which was able to at last is too dangerous, and together

Sonobe Laboratory: full of ideas prefetching the 22nd century
Our delightful activities are imaging dreams, designing them into embodiments of systems, and realizing them in the world. We propose CATS for realizing automatic transportation from door to door automatically. Rare photographs and a lot of interesting information are also contained.

Mexican Dream
We love volleyball!


love check! bodboy check! here!"karate" fight! "ya"

Hyne's fantastic park
This page is about Ireland and kelts.And my coledgelife dialy and japanese strange pistures.please come in!

Generator by Gravitation
Soon Nuclear power plant, Petroleum and city gas too becomes unnecessary ! Let's have a bazaar to sell discarded articles

digitalchildren I Like IBM

KINOSHITA Hiroko(KINOKO) profile page
This sites are Hiroko KINOSHITA's profile sites. I'm an illustrator and a environment psychologist.In this sites, mainly, I'll show log of diary with illustration and works.

Vin De Table
An original online comic is published. The genre is various. Besides, the illustration, the novel, poetry, and the review, etc. are published.

it's me !
poem, essey, painting, etc.....this is my favorit worlds.I hope you like it and enjoy it.

healing your hart
A site where the heart of the person who came to this homepage is relieved is aimed at.

HIROKUN'S Home page
This homepage is pasonal page. hobby site.

Collaboration MaRa Real Gallery / CG&MUSIC
The collaboration of the original image music(The orchestra sound by DTM)and the CG art ( or the photograph ).For the all work as the theme of which was " The stories with 12 colors " and movie " The Straight Story " it is showing music in the full version.

FACE x face
Cute and funny!Japanese girls.

guard from detective attack
this is not enough proved contents. but this may be a method of defence from detective attack.

heavy diary
Sorry my page is japanese only. But it is very fun.Please come.

Cold Nature
Landscapes of Iceland.

Coffe de DiGITAL
let's fun time

Oh!!Found a Akisan's Page!!
Thisi is The HP of Pediatric's Doctor"Akisan".Please Consult Me Children'Health.

A news flash newspaper publishing company
I perform various plans

New Zealand's Dream Column
This is my personal writing about Japan, world, people, news and people's mind.

Matsuage of Kuroda-Village
About Matsuage of Kuroda Village. Von Poetische Orte.

Frog outside well
The person who has mysterious information is welcomed.

Kana's Room

The Snake House
Wold Famouse Joke site,come from Japan! Contens:Funny peaple,Photo&Movie of Mystery objects,Scribbles written by KOGAL,CHAT,BBS.

Artie's Pub
I've made my homepage. I imagined Pub in Britain. I'd like to talk with many people from all over the world. Please drop by !

begurion's Home Page
begurion's Home Page


Unforgettable people to Japan
To introduce those who contributed to the development of Japanese culture and civilization

Masaru Page
Japanese dispatch A Japanese site **PC paint art ** pictures ** poem ** poetry contribution ** glimpse is valuable.

Welcome to bakazoku

karumy's page
Living in Brasilia.

news diary

Computer network department of Tokyo Multimedia College
It is a recommended homepage of the volunteer who is aiming at the CCNA qualification acquisition of Cisco in the Tokyo multimedia special school. Japanese various places do not reach say and have gathered from South Korea and China. It is recommended in interested person in the network.

Form Follows Functions

Honjo's web memo
deegan's cool!
cool posture.

The dog house of Taro
the university of Winnipeg

True Town
While there is you home, I can experience own which was wrong in a foreign country experience, a virtual town.I find employment and do shopping.I look in neighbor a little and watch it.I am raising Hello an immigrant very much.

Mako's HomePage
THis site is WEB of French&cheese&Hokkaido.There are many photos

21st century Internet Planning Room
Online Games,Right brain/motor nerve Training,Online Stories,Real leader,Japanes pension system,Easy Confucianism,Statistics Map,World Pen pals,World questionnaire,Wonderful Images,Poems,Caricature


it's cool !!!Come on!!



Thanks!200000hit!!Everyone comoooooooooooooon!!!!

A Life in Toronto
We are a Canadian & Japanese couple with two sons who love life! Every day is interesting when two cultures decide to unite in holy matrimony. We have gained a whole new perspective of the world.This site is mainly in Japanese.

Kazu cafe
Good job!

Zur Regionenwissenschaft
There is no place that has ultimate value a priori.

"We have a game introducing your Home Page" -Parace of Kimagure pierrot-
I mainly have a game which introduce your Home Page.If you wanna your Home Page be watched, you have better visit my Home Page !And I have more contents;DDR lecture, CG Irustrations, interesting novels,and so on...

Utopia is a new form of government.Let's make utopia all the world.

X51.ORG : Occult News for Nerds. Truth is Out There.
Occult News for Nerds. Truth is Out There.

Sorry.This page is Japanese only.However, the person who wants to see come.CHAT and BBS and NetMagazine...

This Website presented Personal works by FLASH.

please come guitar men!I want to be a guitarlist!

Little Love
Hello.This site makes your banner on free.Please come here.

Yojyouhan Boogie
Japanese talk webradio.

WEB-TV SATATION "JENGO-TV JAPAN"."JENGO"means dialect of Northern district in JAPAN.Real Audio and FLASH is needed to watch our site.

Don't preach!

White Train yoshiaki motomura
Various personal affairs are mentioned about JAVA, the bulletin board, the homepage preparation support link, the bulletin board and others. See it if it is good.

Nakano Consortium_s Page
Kiyoshi Nakano and his families web site. Including manusciprts about intellectual property right. Also including pharase about piano lessen. Also including webs made by Waseda and Saint Paul Students.

Speech Recognition Based On Inside Structure
A study of speech recognition principle, to explain diversity of speech signal wave.

Link banner collection site

becauseparty is batucada

Pine's Favorites
I show you my favorite goods, movies, books, and scenery etc.

Sanatorium For Paranoia
Sanatorium For Paranoia

Nihongaku or Japanological Studies
To disconstruct traditional Japan-Image; new methods, new fields, new Ideas, and new Depth will be attempted here.

Masabee world men's hobby
An introduction of "men's hobby". I comment about fishing, ski, car (bongo friendee), get truck license and rc.

Louis Adamic in Japan
---------I am a Japanese translator of noted Slovene-American immigrant author Louis Adamic and have struggled to translate his Collection for a many year,but it is financial difficulty.Please visite my site.From Amami Oshima,the far south island of Japan.

You find ESHURON everywhere...
You find ESHURON as a joy of life.

Let's Enjoy i-mode mail!
There are a lot of useful sample mails with GIF images and ascii arts which help you to make a mail to be sent to i-mode portable phone.

This site contains some obscene materials. Those of you who are 18 or under are not allowed to view this site. Also, the contents of this site are all written in Japanese only.

Dissucation Place
This site is place for argument for Japanese speakers.If you want to discuss or want to know about something. Let's come here.

happy free
4koma manga, diary, novel, and more...

LA's entertainment info in Japanese!
Check out what's hot in LA. Listen to the radio and see the streaming video. is dedicated to providing LA's information in Japanese.

This page is very interesting.

Japanese web radio page,Yojouhan Boogie.For Japanese.Visit me! You can be happy.(talk only Japanese)
Living Information, Subject of a Season, Special Feature Article, Saving Money, Present, Etc. Introduce the Information and Secret Technique which is Useful to a Life Style.

It's Nyan-Ei World!
This site is filled with the picture work of the monster of the cat similar to the poster of an old movie.

PHOTO,POEM,.... This Your HOME!!

Digi small room
This HP is HP of DIGI. There are chat, BBS, GAME, and My introduction.

A capricious fish
The fantasy fish material of an illustration is under distribution without a charge. An original novel and the poetry of a sea motif are exhibited.

The place which talks the information about the active Internet together

Simple Life Report
The charm of a simple life and practice advice are introduced

Please come my homepage .

Yosihiro Arai
Do You Know This Hp 

this site is web site of As told by Ginger,come here and enjoy!:D

Accumulation with-many-hobbies man
Column & irregular news site. A human sacrifice review, an animation, etc. It is keeping up appearances by the design finely.

A strange fairy tale
103 strange fairy tales.

Go Go Happy Wedding
It is advised as marriage preparation, a ceremony and a wedding reception, and the experiences to a honeymoon. Failure, a success story, etc.

My collection of the watches I bought around the world, My pottery works, Diary and recommendation about Canada, Movie reviews, etc.


This is my personal thinking which it came to my head in living in New Zealand. The fields prevail to the mind of human being, the world, Japan and New Zealand.

a talk of a salaried man
a talk of news and current events in japanese writed by salaried man

Welcome Whispers of Flowers
Japan is island country, and is consisits of major four island; Hokkaidou, Honshu,Shikoku and Kyushu.April is the cherry-blossom season in Japan, so many people go out here and there to view the beautiful cherry-blossams.

a maiden work
a poem

Weather Report Newsletter
Japanese Language Newsletter about IT Industory.

Mix site such as flash, cg, sound, text, juggle, pen turning, and Diavolo.

A collection of words and sentenses from Masahiro Morioka's writings on the web.

Character Super Entertainment
Idol and integrated entertainment that is to horse racing, motorboat race, professional wrestling, fortune-telling, and present quiz and girl pro wrestler's Chikako Shiratori and original official recognition pages such as Michiko Omukai and Yumi Fukawa. 。

I make Flash exhitbit.

NOOK is a growing history of a Japanese student who studies media in the UK.

etaoin shrdlu
etaoin shrdlu - nonsense?no!this is art! -Funny how "etaoin" is coming home in time for tea.

KiguroMasanao Zatugakuno Yakata
This page has...!1,Many knowledges.2,15 kinds knowledges - "Body" "Beauty" "Food" "Science" "Law" "Common Sense" "Life" "Poison" "Mind" "Men and Women" "Word" "Abbreviated Word" "Poisonous Herb" "Etymology" "Other".But it Japanese only...

[Book Store BUTIKOMI] is OnlineMagazine.

Minky House*

Ryoz's room
Let's enjoy!!
Take it easy like a holiday. This blog has category fullness, such as a movie, a book, a cat, food, a drink, sleep, Christmas, and a joke link, besides music! You will have a nice time.


Heart beat Union
The heart beat union is a nonprofit organization that strolls in a familiar point, and improves me.