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Ken Kamoshida's Flyfishing Home PageHot!
Ken Kamoshida's flyfishing page from downunder. Information on flyfising in Japan and Australia.Topics on fishing in Japan not limited to flyfishing but also to other trditional Japanese fishing methods as well.Includes links to international flyfishing sites. Nice high quality graphics.

Handmade fishing tackle
Fishing is my hobby.Japanese lacquer goods. landing net. bait case. herabuna's float.

FREE RIDE ANGLERS is Fishing Tour Company in Japan.We have more than 30 destination for Fishing in all over the world.You can see several kind of game fishes in our Web Site.Specially,we have great knowledge about Far East Asia Fishing.

Trouts and Seasons of The Mountain Village
With my pictures I hope I can send feelings of seasons, rich nature in The Mountain Village and, of course, vivid expressions of lovely Trouts.

Ayu Fishing, Japan
A special home page about Ayu fishing which is very popular in Japan but never seen outside Japan.Written by the members or room19(ayu), FFISH, Niftyserve.Ayu Fishing, Japan

RISE! RISE! RISE! Fly fishing of Japan.
This information is being transmitted from Tokyo of Japan. I would like to introduce Fly Fishing of Japan.

Fishing is life
Good fishing,Good life

Saltwater lure fishing in Asia
Info. on fishing in Thailand, Moldiv, Midway, Africa, etc.

boat fishing

We are REDPOND for Bass fishing. Why nobody told me about there is fishing game! When I was young I did not know this Lure fishing style is so much fun. Therefore, I will crazy for Bass, Bass, gone fishin.

Sport Fishing in Niigata City and Japan
About Fishing in Niigata City and Japan. Targets are seabass, trouts, salmons and largemouth bass.

Honky Tonk Fishing
Lure Fishing HP!! SnakeHead & BASSYou'll meet Japanese Fishing@Style!!

Gysoats Quai is gratest fishing guild in the universe.Now we've just made this site,and struggle to make coolest site.In this site,YOU CAN PLAY "WEBFISHING",and communicate with us. Lets fish together Japanese funny fish,and talk about fish of the world.COME HERE NOW!

Fishing Cool
This is a homepage which have a lot of actual fishing informations. The field is a sea fishing mainly by my fishing boat.The targets are fishes in season.

The Seoto net
The homepage converted from the formal homepage of @nifty [seoto] conference room. The comprehensive communication site not only about fishing but a mountain stream is aimed at.

Breakwater Fishing
Personal fishing report at Hamanako and Irago in Japan.

Home Page that can catch char and Yamaonnauo
The char and Yamaonnauo must catch the char in detail for mountain stream 30 years by using the map (1/25,000)It introduces it. this Home Page reference the mountain stream in Tohoku that can be fished.

The Uminchu Style
Ocupational spear fisherman's page.Diving gear etc..

lure of stream in pref.fukushima japan
enjoy lure fishing. lure of stream is fantastic and doramatic.

ABU-mania web site
ABU Ambassadeur Record reel, and the old tackle lovers web site which includes thousands of information.

Fly Fishing in Nara
It is the homepage that did the encounter with beautiful wild trout of Japan carefully

Kada, Wakayama man offshore fishing
How to fishing, cooking, fishing and blogs around the fishing boat of Kada, Wakayama. Recruitment is in mutual link! !

Fishing and Wood Working in Japan
Let's introduce the fishing and the woodcraft of the tradition in Japan.

Fishing in Africa
Fishing in Tanzania and Malawi. I tried at Indian Ocena, several lakes and streams.

Asian Big Fish eater "Snake Head"
ELYSIUM is the special Snake Head fishing team in Japan. And Snake Head is a typical asian big fish eater. You can see the exciting pages on this web site. Please access and feel Japanese lure fishing style.

K's Outdoor
This site introduce Outdoor Life of my family.Especially,there are information of Camp,Fishing,Ski at Hokkaido,shikoku,Kyusyu.

Fishing Report on Salmon Fishing in Hokkaido
Fishing Report on Salmon Fishing in Hokkaido.

MCF Japan
Monster Carp Fishing in Japan.We take a certain comfort in the waterside... Such anglers send information.
Tadatoshi Manabe combines a love of fishing with traditional woodworking ofJapan.

Fishing & Woodworking in Japan
Tadatoshi Manabe combines a love of fishing with traditional woodworking of Japan.

Lure fishing only@naninyan
It is a site only for lure fishing @It is a site of satisfaction to a beginner and an advanced learner There is information of a fishing place, too

Fly Fishing Team Japan Web Site (e-mail:
Team Japan is leaded by Captain Misako Ishimura to World Fly Fishing Championship in 2002-France, in 2003-Spain, in 2004-Slovakia, 2005-Sweden, and the coming 2006-Portugal. We promote the sport of fly fishing and make effort to establish the friendly relationships with the anglers internationally.

For Biggmonstaraoriica - Fukui -
It knew Eging for the first time in 2002, and it fitted in this world. The Big monster is flapped now and the expedition is being planned for being Dea ..going (Moica)... The aim Tsocona diary also is renewing various throughout the year kinds of squids (cuttlefish, mica, Aoriica, and Yariica).

Bassfishing, seabass, trout, saltfishing, etc. Outdoor and Fishing web site.