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Japanese Game sales special web site"YOSOU-OH"Hot!
It is the game sales information portal site for which game software and hard sales are pressed from three points of the future (anticipation) the past (database) and now (news).

Itochu-'s HomePage

This site is the news sites of all shooting games.Commerce, dojin, and a free game, etc. I introduces the latest information of all the shooting games every day.I reproducted barrage that uses FLASH also.

Game Music Room (Japanese only page)
This page handles 'GM'. 'GM' is the name which omitted '(Japanese) Game Music'. - The emulation site in Japan
This site is the introduction site of the emulations which operates by Windows or Dos.

in the DARK
Video Game Fan Site.Battle Arena Toshinden, Angelique, Castlvania and so on.

This is a PEN.Its Japanese welcome hahaha.

odyssey the classic videogame station
Do you know japanese retoro videogames,pyuta,vectrex,pong?

Hi! this page is Japanese only!!This page is nintendo only!!

The Museum of ZELDA
This is "The Legend of ZELDA"'s Museum.You can see a lot of Graphics and Materials.

Angel's Fear
Hiroki Kikuta's official HomePage. I'm a GameDesigner in Japan. I produced horror RPG called KOUDELKA. I'm now looking for bussiness partner and investor.

This site is the information site of all of NINTENDO,and is cover with full flash animation.So the visual is very intaractive.

GAMSIC * we love VGM & OLD ARCADE GAMES *more game!more video game music!!contents: essay, MIDI, review and more!

K'z Factory
i love you playstaition

Astral Side Game Info Blog
General game information site.Code modifications, such as PS3 PSP PSvita 3DS Xbox360Information posted Furage diary and play the game and animePlace the egg 2ch information.Recently updated irregularly

Game Music,GBA Developments,FreeTalk,Car & Bike.

It is the site where soccer enthusiasts gather here.

Let's Emu!
Index of Gameboy emulator and Gameboy Advance emulator in the wrold.

PC engine database of a full-scale database, game music (MIDI/mp3), a grapple movie, etc. are many.

Forest of Torrent
I introduce remodeling of PSP in various ways. Please come once by all means.

minor game fun
introduce minor game in japan