Medical Care and Health

How to live as woman for menNew!
This site offers total information for people suffering form G.I.D(MtF) and trance-gender.

Medama CafeHot!
Little sample of Japanese conversation at an eye clinic. Please use it when you find it hard to speak Japanese at hospital.

Japanese Super-Pathologist in Nepal
Not enter in our Website, you shall miss diseases in Bible, working and living report in Nepal, nature, flowers, birds, and human beings in Nepal.

International Network for Life Studies
Those who are interested in philosphy of life, death and the environmental issues in contemporary civilization, please come to my site! The official page of Masahiro Morioka.

OH! Brain Home Page
This home page is made to help people understand diseases which are treated by neurosurgeons. Explanations about diseases of the brain,symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and many CT and MRI photos may prove very useful for you.

Diabetes Consultation
Diabetes mellitus is the life-threatening disease. However, adequate treatment for it gives you normal happy life.If you have any question for your diabetes, please contact me.

Microscopic PICT Urinary World
Microscopic PICT urinary world.This page produced by medical technologist from japan, National YAMAGUCHI hospital.

How treat troublesome hemorrhoidal diseases.
The way to treat your troublesome hemorrhoidal diseases at your home. I will teach you the symptome of each kind of henorrhoids, fussure and fistula by picture.

Selfcare for Hemorrhoidal Diseases by Dr. Yamada
How to treat your troublrsome hemohoidal diseases by yourself?Dr. Yamada will teach you the way and show you the colour picture of hemorrhoids.
This site is to provide foreigners in Japan with useful information of famous and recommended hospitals for so-called three major lifestyle related diseases (cancer, heart trouble and stroke) per area. Please make best use of this site in case that you need to find good hospitals.

With depression.
"Depression" which the site janitor "depression 77" who holds the moral disease of depression manages. I want to comment the hardness of depression, the fearfulness of depression, etc. leisurely.

Institute of Pulmonary Cancer Research
Patients suffering from a variety of respiratory diseases including lung cancer come to our institute. All of specimens obtained from biopsy, surgery, and autopsy are referred to our laboratory, and accurate pathological diagnosis is made by us.

How to Keep Mental Health
This is a Japanese psychiatrist's homepage, written about how to keep mental health and what the mind is.

This Web is about atopy&allergy.Please come my Web.But I'm sorry,JAPANESE ONLY!!

KPW's Home Page
I made page about Japan Marrow Bank.

vitiligo web site
Vitiligo is a skin desease which is scarcely cured. This site is written by a patient who has vitiligo.

Japan Bioethics Website
This is a bioethical information website in Waseda University, Japan. The website presents multi-lingual info. We ask your candid opinion about bioethical issues, thanks.

The Trade Winds' Healing Site - Healing Oasis On The Web
This site gets you to feel relaxed and energizedwtih lots of beautiful photos and phrases.Please come and visit when you feel tired.

This page for hydrotherapy,and pool therapy.Water cure information palace.Aqua exercise.

Diet FAQ
Homepage where all information on dieting was taken up. Information is published by the Q&A form.

this is a site about child abuse. especially psychological abuse.and how to care the mind of abused childlens.(the way of Japan)
this sight is atopy's sight!

Treatment for your hemorrhoidal diseases.
How to treat your troublesome hemorhoidal symptomes aby your self?

Brazil, living with AIDS
Projects for HIV/AIDS and slum in Sao Paulo, Brazil

my lecture note on Electromagnetics at International University of Health and Welfare for the students going to be Radiological Technologist.

my picture & poem....abouto things!please come to my homepage

The human being of the melancholy condition writes a diary. This HP is only Japanese.

An organic germanium and an inorganic germanium were thoroughly examined. The document to which the difference, the action, and the effect, etc. of both are described is examined, it is easy to understand, and explains.

Shinsuke Konoe
He, who is university professor, is still restoring from Brain blooding, 1.5 years passed after desease, by scientific rehabiritation.

Dr Yamadas Hemorrhoids Forum.
What exactly hemorrhoids are ?.How to treat your troublesome hemorrhoids by yourself?. I will answere it. Please read it.

Depression Bath
The manager who has entirely used it for depression and sleeplessness describes the effects of the sleeping medicines of anti-depressant drugs such as the symptom, the suicide attempt experiences, and SNRI of depression and sleeplessness and Hilnamin minute grain, etc.

This website tells you to that your spiritual awareness deeply involves with your healthy lives. Mainly concerns about esoteric traditions that Rudolf Steiner suggests. Some medical suggestions available on Edgar Cayce, Paracelsusu, Chinese medicine, and so forth.

Nurse's SOUL
Selection of Useful Links for Nurse

Stress Check
many medical checks are available. Please evaluate your health!

Chemical peeling kuchikomi park
We are talking about chemical peeling,homecare

cellulite forum
We are talking about cellulite

a prescription for a tranquilizer.(Diary)
a mental disease's diary etc...

Hi, We are Badminton Club "BAD80". All nationalities,levels welcome. Beginners OK.Even if you are on trip in Japan,No problem.After playing badminton we go eating with No smoking. Let's play badminton.

Lumbago Search
It is the search engine of a lumbago speciality.I am waiting for registration.

Nagasaki association of Radiological technologists home page
There are an image illustration of the X-ray and a picture-story show for the child of Dr. Wilhelm Conrad Roentogen. A MRI image is introduced, too.

The trip of looking for BestPlace
HP of the author that depression aims at the psychiatrysw. Japanese only

a guide for OCD
guide pages for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

helthy weblog selmedy.
Get helthy life!

information center of safety of food
Homepage of safety of food

Dallas, Texas Guide by Japanese
This site is a guide for "Living in Dallas, Texas", "Transplant", "Clinical Fellowship in USA","USMLE"and"Palm" based on a diary of a Japanese fellow in Transplant Surgery.

Depression Bath
The site janitor who has been absorbed in depression and insomnia describes the condition and attempted suicide experience of depression or insomnia. The effect of hypnotics, such as antidepressants, such as SNRI, and a HIRUNAMIN granule, is described. Also subject of the calligraphy of a hobby.

aoi's breast cancer survivor story
August, 2010. I went to the hospital and had an examination.And it was announced "the remaining days were only one month".I receive anticancer agent treatment and still fight against a cancer!

Asperger's Brain
This site is for Aspergers.

jp-ml Home Page
jp-ml is the mailing list for information exchange or friendship of the pharmacist in Japan.

SOS from Japan
SAVE OUR AIR, SAVE OUR LIFE FROM CHEMICAL POLLUTION.Does the air make you feel Alive, Integrated and Relaxed? Or Abandoned, Insulted and Ruined?

ST(Speech-Language-Hearing Therapist ; Speech Therapist) WORLD.

dr_std Sex Report
About STD WEB Site.Do you Know STD?

Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) for Symptomatic Uterine Fibroids
EMBO FORUM is a group for the discussion of Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) for symptomatic uterine fibroids. Though the website is in Japanese only, please feel free to send comments and questions in English for information on UAE in Japan.

Chemical Injury Alert
Study of Environmental Disease and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Transparent capsule
The sight of kokiti where relate to phermacist mekemeke and alcoholic medical care. It has introduced alcohol every day of the phermacist and the method of drinking alcohol skillfully and ' as the medicine ' concerning the sickness. Alcoholic psychological test (?) It is,!

A Twitter Surgeon's Life
This is a blog of a Surgeon General.My daily life, iPad, iPhone, Twitter, etc. are provided.

Real Hypnosis
Real Hypnosis is the best website that has most of information about hypnosis and hypnotism in Japan.

Newest information dispatch blog of the Nagoya yoga

dental diary

The in plant Information Board
Correction of an in plant, a treatment, the expense that a treatment takes, a difference with a false tooth / a bridge, a society carry various information to relate to an in plant.

cancerBBD,LINK,DDS:Document Distribution Service

Souitiro Takesita
They are the contents in which I have those who worry about WAKIGA have courage.

Cancer BBS!

MIO's World
MIO is a Japanese delmatologist and a severe atopic dermatitis patient herself.This is MIO's case history without corticosterid therapy and thoughts about atopic dermatitis.

Promotion for Hospitals
AHSJ is offering promotion service for hospitals and clinics, and providing marketing support.

This is dental technology web.

Journal of Philosophy of Life
An international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the philosophy of life, death, and nature.

Experience of sperm test.
It about at sperm test.

The rehabilitation mania is an information site where it introduces the latest training to say nothing of rehabilitation and information etc. on the dieting method etc.

Iifomation of Scwaran
Introduction concerning effect of beauty of Scwaran. How etc. when the supplement of Scwaran is taken to choose are published.

Life Studies Blog
Site for International Network for Life Studies

You should stop smoking!

Dieting Otaku's life
The dieting life of every day was made a diary.

Let's enjoy brown rice
This web site tells visitors how to enjoy brown rice and shows various ways to cook brown rice. You can also learn its health benefits.

Food dictionary that improves sickness
It introduces food and how, etc. that improve various sickness and bad health to eat.

Dr. MIYAO's site in Nagoya University
Dr.Miyao studies usability of mobile phones, readability of computer displays, stereoscopic display quality, and multilingual translation system.

Pokkaly in the sky
Illustration cute character with the healing system weakness Site

GID Marina's home page Rouge et Noir
Hi, I'm Marina, a Japanese transsexual woman, GID, living in Europe. I'd like to have another transsexual friends.


HIMAN maker
Unique overweight fortune-telling can do it only by putting in a name. Of course, it is no charge.


Rapport for professional engineer
You maybe have anguish of how to spread your wonderful ideas in the world.One of answers is 'rapport' which is "heart connection" in a conversation.THe aim of this homepage is to provide you how to use rapport and it's psychological method.I hope this homepage to help your life.