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The stoicstyle of Meteoricred

Feast of EPONA
A Database of an American Horse Racing.

Naohiro OHNISHI,Hiroki HASHIMOTO,HideakiMIYUKI,jockey'site

Japanese Only horseRace (JRA)HomePage

this page is main of sangokushi. sangokushi is china(184 to 280).

Merveille is Japanies Race-Horse.There is his history.

Slow Pace Syndrome
Blanc's site about horse racing in JPN.

totalmaintec's horse news
horse news

Horse Racing's web site.

Results,pedigrees and more.

fanfanpony(During the horse racing expected recruitment)
I do ... in horse racing diary Blog before becoming an owner of Sara Brett. So that expectation of all all everyone absolutely hits it while thinking about a method to earn money by horse racing because horse racing is a dream to do!

Toshimori Sasaki's Horce Race Character
Free-lance writer familiar in serial such as Osaka date newspapers and race view by Toshimori Sasaki. It explains not only a special war on Sunday but also a heavy prize of the Hyogo Prefectural possession. Besides, there are horse racing quiz and BBS, too.

Keiba Matsuri
Japanese horse racing photos

Horse pillar plus real-time odds
They are for smart phones (it corresponds also to PC), and horse race real-time odds information. Insufficient information is added to the horse pillar of a racing form.