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search engine collectionHot!
The search engine link collection of the world and Japan


World Radio Live!!Hot!
Let's liten to the internet world live radio!

Links of Supermarkets in Japan

Free Coloring Pages Links

Fu-sen NetHot!
Balloon Infomation Site - News , Search , Board, Mail Magazine , etc... ( Japanese Only )

Fan site registration links of manufacturer, KEY, original picture person, and Itaru Hinoue work. Retrieval according to title and character.

Manga Kissa ListHot!
List of Manga Kissa in Japan.

Shiho Link
Shiho Link......It's a link page for "Shiho" pages!Many "Shiho"s and others are gathering at the Shiho Link Message Boardand having chat with each other.Why not come and join us!?

Launch of web Directory
The guide contains almost 85,000 links of primarily English-language Japan-related sites in 15categories but also includes site listings in a variety of European and Asian languages.

Arakawanet is a local search engine for Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Webcast Pilot
The directory of radio and TV stations on the Internet around the world. Listed more than 1,600 stations with actual checking by ourselves.

500 links were accommodated in 1 page -- super- -- a large-sized link collection All information gathers without a page change. Even if it carries out a bookmark, it can use conveniently.

Open Directory Blog
Celebrity blog

It is a directory type search site aiming at philanthropy and an international contribution.Please the visited direction gives me cooperation by all means at click fund-raising.

Mie, Japan.Search Engine, Link Collection, etc..


netgame links

CooLinks !! -The Best J-Links! -
A Japanese links collection with over 4000 links, including Search Engines, News, Sports, Business, Reference books, Directories, TV, Music, Movies, Home page creation, Voodoo Internet and much more!! An index of Japanese popular sites on the netThis site is cool, light and fast!!

CYBER TRAIN Dream Night Express
Please come to the Dream Night Express.This web has 500 Cool sites.
homepageranking for acsess

LoveHotel seek

This site is collection of Web links!

Ranking of the web page which offers the free Web material. It introduces according to categories, such as a photograph which is useful to making a homepage, and MIDI, a form.

Literary Hot List
Kato Koiti, Japanese critic, selects excellent sites.

It assists in the access improvement to your homepage by the html form link said that SEO measures "E-Net SEARCH" are effective as SEO measures.


this site is access up support!

Handy Links
Many of the japanese useful websites.

chat links
come on adult chatters! from japan!

Dig web
This page is cool!!

Link Theater
How is it at a homepage (start page)?The compact & ease of using was pursued.

I am sorry,japanese only.

Links for Japanese people who live in the U.S.
Links for Japanese people who live in the U.S., or the other countries.

lucky7star(Artist Official Links)
Music Artist Official & Fan Sites Links.

Lifestyle Directory
A directory system search engine where you can seach the sites for your life and also lists your webpage in HTML page for FREE.

14kw japanese link.
14kw japanese link.

Hentai Ani-Navi
Anime links worldwide. Link engine of anime illustrations sites. Add your site !

14kw MOBILE StartPage
Japanese StartPage.

icon cube.
search engine of a desktop icon.

Politix Japan- links of japanese politics -
This site is links of japanese politics.There are many sites on my page.

noshiro super links
Total links of sites in Noshiro city

Freebies for Japanese.(HP)
Introduces the site where cash, the gift certificate, food and etc. can be gotten without fail. (Japanese)

Freebies for Japanese(BBS)
Introduces the site where cash, the gift certificate, food and etc. can be gotten without fail. (Japanese)

Search engines and mass communications.
Major search engines in Japan andworldwide. It's simple. Banners only.Major mass communication (newspaper, tv, etc)companies too.

This site is for students who lives in kyu-shu.If you're interested in kyu-shu or University in kyu-shu ,please visit.
This Page is Portal link site of newspaper you can read newspaper in English

you can get oun website FREE!

This site is the link collection of the Web Page which has"City of Kitakyushu"in a keyword. Almost all Web Page that this site introduces serves as only a Japanese notation. This site is a link free-lancer. Please give notice , when to carry is wished to this site.

this website is developing from Japanese website

@seachenjin hiro

meny links is wonderful site. free HP site, free E-mail site, and so on. I am lending "BBS".

This site is the link collection of the Web Page which has "City of Kitakyushu"in a keyword.

The search engine for Music and Art.

this is a site of ccnavi sanin homepage navigator
local area searchengine of sanin(shimane and tottori)

32category! HP accsess ranking!

internet gide

access rise support and hp advertisement are performed. moreover, the advertisement is distributed in the mail magazine for nothing. the people with hp should use for an access rise by all means. moreover, please profit by those out of whom it does not come with HP by site reference.


Popular site informationyJPRANKINGz
The popular site is introduced according to a category.

Nanameyomi blog
Introducing brand goods and company names, that have many spelling problems, with their history and links,.

Free Search!!
Let's register with a search engine and aim at the access rise of HP or WebSite. encounter, wallpaper, and an auction -- it can register also with what

Kemono Search
The search engine of the ordinary animal furry. main which is daily from brute people and fictitious living things, such as a dragon. The people with the brute system HP should register by all means.
I tie up the Disney friend with this page, and think on it that what is necessary is to just be made to the page which can extend Disney's world. I would appreciate your favor in the future!

this site is Ranking site for a Creator


Merveille : Fashion&Design Search
Portal Site in which it centered on fashion and design. Fashion & Design Search of useful full loading of retrieval function like SEO measures, Life Information, Creator,Costume Players, Network Idols, and Women, etc. It is the overall support retrieval site.

Bunko Kakuri
Links Site of Fan Fiction Novel

With the link collection by the A good site key word of pagerank 4 and more.battle-rankingsite which it competes in the reference upper indication with.

Senior hot net ô
One's fifties?It is an information support site in which it assists in a young in its sixties, senior.

This site is Japanese version only.Webmaster can not understand any languages other than Japanese.

Japan Stock Links
A guide to financial links about stock, quotes, indices, forex, and news.

stock link .JP
Usefull stock links.

It is happy flash links.

Searching ballpark Sports links
Searching ballpark Sports links ! Take me out to the ball game ! Take me out with the crowd !...

UpdatePing server information
link portal site japan shop shopping

Exclusive Photo Links
This is the reciprocal link with only photos/pictures webpages.

Multimedia Trash Search
This is the SEACH ENGINE for OTAKU.We provide you soumething wonderful "trash".

Child homepage ranking of a woman - Blog / material / an illustration fashion
A general portal ranking site for women.

Super Links Genocide
Cool!! Come on!!

100 questions' fan site
A link site of "100 questions" that ease making profile. Japanese language.

I started the blog I thought to people overseas, such as through a blog or WEB site of Japan, and I want you to feel Japan.I will introduce the blog site of Japan to think and interesting site, to be useful.Thank you.

Popular ranking
A popular site can be known.Since its site can be registered for free, it is also possible to carry out an access increase.Please register.

Oneself portal Site link conclusion portal
The [oneself portal] idol entertainments information that the link was summarized for itself, play information, job-hunting activities, the search for the room, news, etc. are the link conclusion portals which summarized the site link with which he is pleased.