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Tatuta's RoomHot!
Original Facemark Animations

Scheduled Website updating and mail sending
This web page explains how to update Website and send mails periodically. Using cron, we can update Website at a scheduled time. Using cron and PHP, we can send mails at a scheduled time.

domain search!free!

You can search from Start page for 500 www pages. It work in realtime. It is useful for searching www pages that dose not have in site search service.

Music for Weblog,Japan
How to play Music for Weblog,Japan


I am jjppp!

Windows Media Player DRM FAQ
Shows FAQ about Windows Media Player DRM

Online community site of computer technology. Industry Trends, Contents Technology, Software and Tutorials.


Voice over IP
Voice over IP


Osaka PHP
Distribution of PHP access analysis "w3Analyzer".

Web director's diary nee the Web designer who suffers in a local medium-scale print company.

It is the site CGI installation in XREA.COM.

Toddler in SVG
bilingual site of SVG. you can find a lot of samples in here.

This web site "Tonomi" is The Relational Web Directory for Japanese. You can search the web site where is imagined from keywords.

@Programing! - ASP.NET(C#) -
ASP.NET(C#) Programing!

Meta-Search Engines at once - PAGE ONE -
From a maximum of nine search engines to simultaneous reference.

URL Encode and Decode
This is encoding and decoding of a Japanese character code service. The character codes which can be used are EUC-JP, Shift JIS, JIS and UTF-8.

This site has contents about server and poems, softwares.

search helper -anagle-
search helper -anagle-

Activity of Gaia
IT news,software,netservice,lifehack...

Perl study room.
welcome to perl study room.

Augmented Reality Movies
Augmented reality (AR) is a field of computer research which deals with the combination of real-world and computer-generated data (virtual reality), where computer graphics objects are blended into real footage in real time.

this iste for japanese. also introducing about WEB tech to all.

Ksww Technology
Ksww Technology,php,linux,management site

cross media directory
Hi,wellcom to cross media directory.

Search parts Ran! Ran!
Multilingual search through use as a search tool for your portal site. You may search parts that can be used and widget available.

96COLOR - I am writing a wordpress and php article.
I will introduce the news to become the latest information and care about WordPress · PHP · Web Design · CSS · JavaScript · Server Construction · iPhone · Mac.