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Puchi It!Hot!
This is the gizmo which is used to wrap a brand-new toy or the like.Please be patient and keep clicking there.

a photograph collection of KAERU

world wide vibratorHot!
It is the site which tries development of the system by which the man in the world controls vibrator mutually using the Internet.

The Memoir of A Previous Life
This web site is designed for uncategorised living or dead objects such as goblins, ghosts, monsters those can understand Japanese and Japanese style jokes.

Conan O'brien Watch
Weekly joke transcriptions from Conan O'brien's famous late night show.

Dajare Palace
This is Japanese cheap joke(=dajare) page.

YouTube with The.Blog-man.Hotsuma.
Bursting out laughing animated cartoon by Youtube. Comedy program. Overseas bursting out laughing CM . Fighting game. Bursting out laughing game animation of RPG. Blog that introduces animation of movie and drama.

Keeping warehouse because of not forgetting of me animation that can be laughed to discover it with YOUTUBE etc.

flash movie site

Arai Watal take photos of Japanese strange things and beauty things in ordinary lifes.

HELL RIOT!!! 2001
Very funky!Very cool!!Japanese nonsense comedy site!Let's go to the hell trip!!!Do you like Harakiri?

Crop Circles explained naturally and scientifically
New, completely natural, scientifically provable theory about crop circles origination. Using only and only natural sciences - physics, biology, chemistry, meteorology, phytopathology. Also many other flattened cereal areas, were caused by the electricity of lightnings.

It is laughter and health interesting images,from Hokkaido, Japan.
Laughter increases the immune system.Even if you nasty, just laugh when you can forget.In such funny pictures and videos, please lol.Your abdominal exercise will surely?I for readers outside and I also shown in English.I'll also be introduced in Hokkaido.

Funny pictures.
Laughter is a group of healthy, well me up immunity.Let's laugh highly interesting look at the pictures.The pot is addictive and not stop laughing.It's the view while sipping drinks in cash?

DaceKedgar Tourism
Daskedogar islands are resorts of fictitious.


qe_ep website
Dis is qe_ep's gallery of Flash-movies...

This home page is very very interesting.

That site of the afro, by the afro for the afro.It's so cool!!

I am Born to koge
I am Born to KogeCan't eat meCan't burn me enoufthif i am made by koge

joke avenue american joke site
an american joke site

Your dream
It is an anthology of laughter. If you laugh, I am happy in it ・・・.

Watanabe's Ranking Note
Watanabe's Choice Items


work is free net
while verification also mixes various phenomena which may happen just because spare time is felt for people which can feel spare time by work or life these days I am introducing amusingly.

dajare great dictionary
Welcome!dajere land