Words of Wisdom OK312Hot!
English-Japanese bilingual web dictionary of various proverbs and quotations compiled by OK312.

Presenting Abe Kobo and his master, Isikawa Jun.

Essays on Yamanaka Chieko
On The hightest Kajinn (Jamanese Poet), Yamanaka Chieko.

It's Your ark
The page which a reader and a contributor not only see on the theme of the ability to "alternate through" poetry, but can come into contact with.

Kiss over a cup of tea
Photogragh,portrait and words. Do you love anyone now?

Let get together SF-Fantasy Fan

Miyazawa Kenji
Studies and Essays concerning Kenji.Thought of donnation.

Who is the Model of Miyazawa Kenji's "Nametokoyamanokuma"?
Newfound: The Day of Birth and Death of Matsuhashi Wasaburou and his son Katsuji. Katsunji, called "Katsuoyaji", is most likely to be the model of Fuchizawa Kojurou.

E. Hojiro's Home Page
Introduction of books written by E. Hojiro, a Japanese science writer. Two books on hypothesis of formative causation proposed by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and one on chronobiology.

Kifune river --- For the new interpretation of "Rakkitei" by Fujiwara Teika
Fujiwara Teika's concept of "Rakkitei" must be reintaerpreted from the new point that Chieko Yamanaka found.

ars longa --- What is it, the art?
We must find the new concept of art that makes our life lighter.

Intermezzo --- for my new friend
From the hearing in Hanamaki. New facts concerning "Nametokoyama no Kuma".

Miyazawa Kenji's Hunter Kojurou of "Nametokoyama"
Miyazawa Kenji: Hunter Kojurou's figure does not resemble Matsuhashi Wasaburou/Katuji at all !!

Hoelderlin's Poet: IN LIEBLICHER BLÄUE...
Hoelderlin's Poet: IN LIEBLICHER BLÄUE... Text and an essay of Japanese translation.

WORKS―poetics MY's
Show MY's Poems from"Early Works"to"Last Poetic".

'Wagahito' in Itousizuo's "Aika (Lamentatio)"
Essay on Itou Sizuo.

Time of frow
This homepage is poem,diary,pcreview.

as for this [burogu] manager [sunaipa] kThe work of the language which it finishes writing is placed in main.

Miyazawa Kenji: the life of old Toyosawa
In 1918 Miyazawa Kenji passed the small village Toyosawa. What did he see there? Did he meet 66 years old Matsuhashi Wasaburow? Was wasaburou really the model of Fuchizawa Kojuurow of "Nametokoyama"? At last the birthday of Wasaburow become clear.

Wittgenstein and I
I imagine, how Wittgenstein would critisize our society. Critisism with "Language Game". But by now it's only in Japanese. However I'll try to write English translation.

Louis Adamic in Japan
At last I have set up ADAMICPRESS (E-book) and could have published Adamic Collection as E-book. But my long-cherished desire that publish his collection as printed matter has not been realized.appreciate it if you could make the subside or become my sponsor.

A private website of a japanese girl including:photo,poetry,short stories,essays...

Kojiro Serizawa Home Page
This URL is Japanese Novelist Kojiro Serizawa's Home Page.

quick-kill taro
What is the style of Noise for lylics? This is my main theme entire my life. Noise and lylics.

Nonsense Miscellanies
Nonsense Miscellanies gives you many miscellanies.I'm very sorry but here is no contents presented in English.Please make yourself master of Japanese. Thank you.

AkuroOu, Kanmu, Aterui ---A epock
Jamanese Emperor Kanmu was once enchanted by falconry. --- Why?

I opened a pierced earring on some days.
The poetry and the accessary I made are being introduced. If you'd contribute the poetry you made, I'm very happy.

LOGOS for web
This site is official site of Japanese writer "Takayuki Kido" who works on the Tokyo underground magazine "SPEAK", and the art group "LOVE CRAZY", for example.

feel sad but beautiful's my worldview.i show my works at H/S.other categorys.mental room.i white my thought about depression.poem collection room.U can contribute your poem there.whiting japanese only.

Nomad soul
[Nomad Soul] This is a superb collection of beautifully chilled acoustic songs.

There are many literary works by Hajime Asaba or J'Soul and you can read all of them free.They are high quality.Please enjoy reading novels, lyrics, poems and others.Thank you very much.

Poem of Hiroshima
Poems of Hiroshima by Hiro TTE

Zu sagen: "Du sollst auf jener Hand sterben."
Essay on Miyazawa Kenji's Gift of Death from the viewpoint of a Tanka by Chieko Yamanaka;--Ich habe gesagt: "Nicht auf meiner, sondern auf jener Hand, sollst du sterben." Tief, tief ist der Traum unter dem Sonne und dem Mond in das Leere.

AncorUP ::Towards the daybreak
The darkness is predawn.The sky of daybreak and the shining dawn are the jades at daybreak.The dark cleared up. In the future ..previous.. not seen though it is scary.It has up the anchor and seem rowing now toward the fate.It is not necessary to hesitate in the living of every day.

Study on Yamanaka Chieko 2
Analysis of Yamanaka Chieko's Tanka:Ohozorani Yobitamahutoya Honomekite Mimitorinokuru Akatokinoyume,in the traditional Buddhistic context which begins form "Ryoujin Hishou".

love letter
love letterラブレター詩,ポエム初恋の詩いつも一人で口笛吹いた、あつあつの詩せつないふたりの愛をダキシメテ、悲哀の詩また君がうそをついた、 別れの詩

Tabata Masuhiro WEB PAGE
HAIKU writer,MASUHIRO TABATA's official website

Chito Sita Treason Jano
The main contents of this site are 'Short Stories' and 'Essays'. The author is smart and good-looking. But nothing is good for you to come to read my works. For these are all written in Japanese only. By the way, The author is smart and good-looking.

heiwa mamoru
the theme love peace compassion

Rekishi Times