SF Movie DatabankHot!
More than 600 titles of SF movies are listed. You can find various datasuch as Director and staffs, Actors and Actoresses, Original title inEnglish, Copies for Japanese publicity, etc.

Let's go to the mini theater(Japan)Hot!
Information site to enjoy mini theater by 120\%. I introduce the charm of the work screened enjoying by seeing the movie in the mini theater and there in the aspect of an original writer on this site.

The data base of BS (Broadcasting from the satellite),the movie subject.

You can feel hidden feelin'This HP use Japanese only

Whisper of the Heart
This web page explains about "Whisper of the Heart" which is the movie by Studio Ghibli.

"The Princess-mononoke"
This web page explains about "The Princess-mononoke" which is the movie by Studio Ghibli.

AI MAEDA in Battle RoyalBattle2
The information site of a movie "RoyalBattle2" where actress Ai Maeda appears

Movie "S.W.A.L.K. Melody"
This Web site is a page for a movie called "S.W.A.L.K. Melody", which was filmed in the United Kingdom.

about all movie information

cool movies,cool Japanese comics,cool games.

happy berry
Hello. I introduce my favorite American music and movies. Please come and write something on my pretty icons' BBS!

Colin Firth
Welcome! This is Colin Firth's site. There are only filmography and links.Sorry, Japanese only.

Pennies from Heaven
Movies,Christopher Walken,Arts and so on.

Seigo's Cinematography World !
Director/Director of Photography Seigo Sakamoto'sHome page.I sincerely hope that my home page may act as an"opening doorway" to the motion picture worldhere in the Far East, JAPAN.

Movie Actress Picture Page
Profile of the movie actress

Window, Suzuki
Official Site of indies short film "Window, Suzuki"

These are photos of the figures I made as my hobby. Please be noted anything in the photos is not for sale.

Mary Stuart Masterson WEB-GALLERY
Mary Stuart Masterson fan site.

Back to the Future studio
Work introduction of Back to the Future, details thinking.

Psychiatry and Movie from Chicago
Movie review and psychiatric discussion.

Thin White Fallen Angels
Chrristopher Walken,Movies,David Bowie,and so on.

NHB Radio Drama Theater
I make an Internet radio program broadcasting complete original radio drama and it here!

Japanese Subtitles Room
Contents of this site is DVD subtitle's textlization.

Johnny Depp News
I translate an article of Johnny Depp written in English into Japanese.

Coming! Smiling God
My homepage's main is movie seeing coments log.Please, come on to my homepage.Thank you.

virgology - Virginie Ledoyen Fan Site in Japan -
Virginie Ledoyen (French actress) fan site in Japanese.

Movie Review(theater,video,dvd)

Favorite Movies
Action, Comedy, Music and More.Find Your Favorite Movies Here!

The movie creation is the page of a main. There are impression etc. of a movie.

Neisan's Alan Cumming page
This is unofficial Alan Cumming japanese fansite.But, It is only written in Japanese.

55 years ago Japan@Showa20
Memorial site which is recorded the year Showa20, when Japanese never forget,by photo, music,poster, etc....,

Movie Actress Picture Page
A movie actress is introduced in every moon. Link many.

Eiichi Kikuchi Official homepege
Famous for the ULTRA-MAN who has return, and DENZIN ZABOGA -- it is the official-recognition homepage of Mr.Eiichi Kikuchi who hears The activity situation of the now of Mr.Kikuchi who hears, the show information on a performance work, etc. are made into the subject.

jour ferie -cinema-
cinema kino harry potter amelie Lotta pa Brakmakargata Lotta flyttar hemifran

this is joyful

wad's movie review
Movie reviews. Mainly American films. Text in Japanese.

A monthly show meeting and indies work are carried out. It participates considering a film festival, movie work, and TV work as a volunteer. Under a member and actor candidate collection! If it is a movie lover, anyone OKs!


++ The pretty Claire Danes Home page ++
about Claire Danes! latest news,Best of the monthly,ranking,wallpaper,lovely image,bbs,CINEMA and link etc.Romeo+Juliet site is in CINEMA.

This is Database Site of Movie's Tagline.

You can see the wonderful films , if you visit our site. Let's click now !

Dear Nicholas
Taiwan's famos star "Nicky Wu" fan site!

High school girl's Movies Life
This web site is about Harry Potter and movies riticism.

Thin site is about can find movies,technics,books about modelanimations.

We are japanese amatuer movie-creating cirle. Members are Hitotsubashi university and tsuda university students. We make movie joyfully! Come and see ya!

evor online
We are evor ,an amateur associationist's group of movie- making.Our acting base is Tokyo.We are groping for the neologism of the movies.Interactive,Stimulus, Deconstructive, and penetrate the cores of your, of course ourselves too, hearts.

Star Wars Excavator
You can enjoy my vintage Japanese Star Wars collection such as Takara, Popy, Morinaga, Meiji, Coka Cola and Panasonic. Most of the text are written in Japanese but you can see pictures at least...I hope.


Bobbie's Movie Critique
Bobbie critiques the latest movie in north america

FAHRENHEIT 69 Johnny Depp Avenue
I translate an article of Johnny Depp written in English into Japanese.

A review of the motion picture which I appreciated and the latest information / comment. A work search is possible from various conditions.

Itigo's Room about Edward Furlong
This site is a fan site of Eddie Furlong.

River Phoenix Forever
My own Private river fan site-river's biography,filmography,gallery,music,etc.

This site is about Movie review.Other is about Japanese photos and World photos.

Insomniac Review of the Giallo Films
This site deals mainly with Italian giallo films. For the sake of the widened viewpoint, it also deals with the related including the poliziesco films.

japanese movie "bushido"30min

For Jack Black
This site is Jack Black un-official fan site.

V For Vendetta Union
Union for "V For Vendetta".If you fan of movie,please join us.

Prague Fan site
The film captures the mood of the era (late 1960s) with a mix of song and humour.

DAKOTA FAN SITE-Many a little makes a mickle.-
It is a site where Dakota Fanning fans of Japan gather.

Enjoy Korean Musics and Movies
You can enjoy Korean musics and movies in Japanese

Movie Guide
Movie Guide

Wellcome to
A personal website focusing on the sculptures of the NBC.

Strange Bamboos
Do you like films,mobile machine,and consumer game?

Movie Shower
My name is Menguri.I sow a lot of movies.I wrote many review.Please show my implession.

The movie "slum dog $ millionaire" of the topic that I did on the stage of an Indian slum.A Japanese fan site.