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yokohama's kitch-kitch-koo story u.m.1
In yokohama story.They are kindness. But in AD2016,parallel world. In war,usa and chaina.

The contents of this site are all written by JAPANESE only. Sorry for foreign visiters.

Aromatherapy, poetry, novel site.

studio BReeZe
Fantasy & SF novels.Table Talk Game Replay.

This is Chiga's online novel site.It publishes Soutengaienbu serially now.

sorry japanese only

Sato-Hayato's NOVEL site
This is novel site.Word is story;war story;etc.

Welcome to my homepage!

Real Create
For the person who dream to be the writer someday.Teaching how to write orijinal novels.

Minor League Design
cool wear in it!

Ken Box
Art box, you can enjoy my original stories and photos !

Theaters over the sea
I made short movies. Please,show me.

Garakame Addiction(Addicted to Glass of Mask)
Hey, have you ever seen the comics "Garsu no kamen" or "Glass of Mask"?If you havent, youve just missed one of the most wonderful excitement you can ever have!! Just come and take a look at it!! Youll be soon addicted to it!! Guaranteed!!


Links of hobby
It is a links site where the link of Mr. software house whom I am assisting in and the radio actor and sites that relate to it have been mainly linked. The novel on making by oneself is published.


It is a links site where the link of Mr. software house whom I am assisting in and the radio actor and sites that relate to it have been mainly linked. The novel on making by oneself is published.

kyoto-chintai lost the answer
kyoto lost itself with the Answer to (the Great Question of ) life the universe and everything.somebody going to find it and ...

J'space(JyJy's Homepage)
This page is JyJy's Homepage, "J'space", in Japanese. You can read JyJy's topics about novel, music, guitar, autobike, baseball or psychology. And you can make use BBS or chat room.

Violet Girl
The high school student is hero's love romances.

slash and yaoi site:Band of Brothers,OZ,Gladiator

Are you Crazy?
This site has stories, essays, lyrics in English and electronical book. Administrator is Souya Takasawa.How about coming to the hell of J.H.S in Japan...?

That direction of the air .
Natsukawa, a junior high school student, exhibits about 40 works, such as a short story, a long piece, and a fairy tale. Since a dream becomes a novelist in the future .The novel looks at to many persons and I have them evaluate is aimed at.

Endless of Hiroshi
contents are not necessarily decided. it is writing focusing on the novel or the game. Since there is also a diary, please read.

It is the sight of original novel illustration. The kind of fantasy where the vigor which designates the boy girl of the teenager as the protagonist comes out doing, it increases. 1 time please view by all means.

Your novel might become a booklet.

PERIOD`Oliginal Novel Site`
Hello!!My name is Akihito Fukumoto.This page is Japanese only.So people who can't read Japanese cannnot understand this page.Main contents are novels and poems.Come on!!


You can read my original novels for free!The genres of my works are mainly "Love Story"and"Fatsic story"I am looking forward to your coming!

The homepage of a novel, poetry, and a diary.

Japanese novel,poem,diary,etc...

Hong Kong Vitamin -Original homosexuality novels-
The long tale of Hong Kong. An androgyne, homosexuality, a bandage, blood collecting, medical treatment, doll love, purehearted love, etc. It is a text like the third class horror picture of Hong Kong. However, the contents are vulgar. There is also slightly serious Hong Kong information.

Woman from the Philippnes Report

Fanfiction Update Notifier
Update notifier of online fanfiction. Connected with the Twitter API.


Free online mysteries by Takashi Yama.
Free online mysteries by Takashi Yama.

Takashi Yama
Free online hardboiled stories by Takashi Yama. Fictional novels concerning Japan.

novel site [silbka]
chenge heroine!