Mimilin's Kigurumi Character InstituteHot!
Hi!My name is Mimilin.Come on join us! and please write uKigurumi Character Guest BookvMimilin.

Micro ShellsHot!
Searchable database of marine shells and fresh-water shells and land snails, over 1300 species.

Famous person's autographHot!
famous person's autograph,research and explanation. artist,composer,scientist,novelist,politician,etc.

O.B.S. INTERNATIONAL...International couple'sHot!
For international couples! Let's exchange views in BBS and Chat room!

fukuroo3's mineral Photo GalleryHot!
This is the site you enjoy watching mineral stones in a large photo. No academic views or comments, just simply appreciating beautiful stones. That's all.

House Cleaning in NagoyaHot!
House cleaning tips in Nagoya. About cleaning a fan, kitchen, windows, etc.

Press die,press tool made in JAPAN FRONTIERHot!
We are a company of design and manufacture of press tool and press die and progressive tool and transfer tool and stamping dies.Press tool is made in Japan.

Dark Ness 1
There are a bulletin board, a chat, a game, etc. There is also a chat of a membership system.

From rearranged my room in Tokyo.

sorry...Japanese only.

Let's think "Life Cosmology" !!

100 Phrases for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One
These assembled pieces of writing were composed to offer a gentle time of healing for those who are at the mercy of cruel destiny in losing a loved one to death.Phrases appearing on these pages do not represent any particular religion or organizations - they have been written based strictly on my own personal feelings and experiences.

hexagram geometry
hexagram geometry is science of number and form.it 's three dimensional geometry.

birth design institute
the world of pronity theory and hexagram geometry

hexagram geometry
hexagram geometry is 3-dimensional geometry

Stirling Engine Home Page
Do you know Stirling Engine?
Stirling engine can use every fuel included solar energy and hot spring heat.
This home page is made to offer Stirling engine information.
Please enjoy these pages.

hexagram geometry
hexagram geometry is 3-dimensional geometry

New 3-Dimensional Expression
it's new method for 3-dimensionnal expression.

E-M Site
This site introduces the robot rallies such as Robottoransar and MCR, and introduces a rally report and electronic construction.

Leonard's House
I like Classical Music, History of China, Baseball, Dachshunt.

* Geologist's Information Board *
The qualification which becomes important for geological survey business from now on, CALS / EC, ISO, etc. are arranged, and information dispatch is carried out also including change-of-occupation whole circumstances.


eijuh's home page
this is titanium.

Archivists in Japan
This is a site for archivists living in Japan.There are many informations on archivists activities such as meetings, published books andperiodicals.All those informations are written in Japanese.

"FUGETSUDO" was born classical music cafe in Shinjyuku city after world War since 1946. This cafe was matrix many Japanese underground movement and counter culture in sixties.This my web site is talking about "Shinjyuku FUGETSUDO" and many "Hipstar"guest.

This is information of Japanese Flightattendant


Musical Sand and Stone Mills
Information on musical sand(including squeaking sand and booming sand) and various powders which are milling products using stone mills.

Wind Rose
Do you know Wind Rose?The wind rose is chart of wind distribution and wind direction.This is important information of making Wind farm.Introduction of wind turbine

Fuushi's Web Site
Japanese Mythology, written by Fuushi

hica8Ls diary
hica8 GASgun,s custom HI-CAPA5.1 GLOCK18#17racegun

gif images site

Earthquake news
Earthquake news

The bible code
This is the japanese bible code story.Every history of japan is there.Incredible!

GAIA Comunication
Save our Earth!

The Story of Shinano-Shirozumi
The Story of Shinano-Shirozumi is the page about the way of making Japanese traditional charcoal in Matsumoto,Nagano,Jaoan and using.

An editor's column
A trade paper editor's miscellaneous-impressions memo

A new technology by "Infinite magnetic field"
The phenomenon by expansive pressure of explosive vaporization that occursin engine, are explained by the test data of the engine reserchers and of the institute and the public inspection organization in this homepage.

`Mizuki-chan's Melancholy`
Mizuki-chan ô site beginner dimly Costume™ I always look at the profile

Portal site for Russellian in Japan
This website aims to provide Russellian, espacially in Japan, with various information about Bertrand Russell, British philosopher, logician, essayist.

The Strange Mechanism Museum - Neo -
Well come!! Here is Strange Mechanism Museum.This page recommend Experimental projects, Plototypes, Paper plans ,Canceled plojects, and meny interesting mecanisms.


The theory of the space element
I am interested in Gravity mechanism, mass generation reason,etc However, the modern science does not give a clear answer.the results discussed above problem assuming the smallest unit of the space. Because it was recognized that I could explain it without contradiction.

MinakoKotobuki unofficial fun site

It is a site in which it aims at the encyclopedia that can use all information more effectively.

The Sculpture of Fuzi-Nobu "Oral Stage"
This site is introducing the Ball Jointed Dolls which made by Fuzi-Nobu.

the perpetual beta
mokei gunpla

Weekend Country Life
We are to disseminate useful information for those who live in the country now in light of the weekend enjoying rural life and residing in two regions weekend, rural life, such as how to start the weekend, the experience of the caretaker.

News cafe
News, as it is.

Welcome to the Website of 310.Thank you very much for your visit.This site is maintained by myYushi.Add Your Link http://my19880126ab.web.fc2.com/Contact mail:myYushiCopyright (C) 2009 myYushi. All Rights Reserved.

News is read and a cerebral way is done.
In the cerebral hour of the adult who input news information and relaxed.

To enjoy playing a game in the place where FEZ even is just started, contents are widely put from beginner's guide to animation.

Antigravity Technology - Superconductive Electromagnetic Engine
I make public the principle of the antigravity engine, "superconductive electromagnetic engine" and recruit partners who share the honor and profits of the engine with me. It is to experiment for confirmation.

Robot Competition
Robot Competition in Japan. Sumo Robot, Micro Mouse, Micom Car Rally, Robot Lancer.



Mr. Inu's Selection
At this site, Mr. Inu is broadcasting the information and thoughts on my interests, such as classical guitar, baseball, football, homepage creation, and foods. (Japanese Only)

Look Horse Racing
This is expectations of horse racing.

Magic + juggling = Majacian jack
Magic + Juggling = Majacian jack@Homepage

Radical Craft
Handmade leather craft website

2012 ascension
2012 ascension info

Nice to meet you.


The Meaning of Leaving Ending Notes
This site is about what to write in ending notes, what benefit you take from it, and also explain about cloud service of ending notes and way of using e-mails.

Uchi's Diary
I am writing with ease.

Information written on a calendar
Somehing is written on a calendar, but we don't usually care about them.

What day is today?
What day is today?Japanese holiday.The ingredients in season.