Self-Introduction - 1996

The Real life of "kame"
Who say "kame" ,what is this.

Born of Stars
I'm a free lance translator, translating patent specifications. The "snapshot log" is updated every day. I like swimming and skiing.

Kiyotan's Room
This is Kiyosi Narukawa's home page,including my profile,links and UK's special issue.Cool!

fukkun's homepage
This page is Japanese music data. This data format is MIDI.Please try it ! Thanks.

Essays by Testsu Sakura
Essays on US-Japan relation, URSJapan's Trade, Japanese Constitution, teenager's suicide, religous murders, Biblical errors, philosohy of Emptiness, philosophy of Wa, Japanese Democracy, etc.

You's Homepage
Anyone studied at Cal Berkeley? Write to me if you are a Golden Bear!