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Japnanese essay and photo

My homepage has a Diary,a BBS,a Reading and so on.Let's link with me!Please look into my life!!

this site is for the memory of mayumi and marina.

Spicy Cherry
Finally,you would see the misterias?(n,,party animal,,"my friend's say! hahaha)girl,nemedHime(princess)!H.P is written by Japanese,but if you are interested in,please visit mine!

They is the diary of the cherry blossoms child who spends every day.The story of love, the story of the nursery school and a daily story, the story of the new work@UP It does.Read it if it is good(^^)

Runa Channel 2000
It is Japanese exclusive use.My name is Jinguuji Luna.It made the home page of my self-introduction.There is a corner of the photograph, the bulletin board, the diary, the chat, too.Come and visit.

english speaking Japanese actress, trained and performed in london and new york. cv, photos and so on.

I want to be cute!!Shall we come in my room.I'm glad to your visit.

japanese woman is Beautiful!

feel at ease by hina
please look my word & photo.

Fuwa Fuwa
The essay etc. are written. Please do not hesitate to drop in.

From My Room of A City...
I'm studing dancing in New York City, USA from Japan.Diary,Poems,Photos and introduce about Ballet in this site.I'm looking foward to see many poeple by this site.

KaOri is HeRE .
Hey ! why don't you join my site??Let's ride our cool site.

after a rest
This site is introducing about me and my favoritethings. For example,my diary,best spot of Tokyo,poems written by my friends. Please write your message at BBS!

sakkyon's diary

Rie Excite

Drop Drop Drop
Welcome to my website! Please feel free here and drop a line on boards!


YO-COM Company
I am a travel illusionist.Sometimes go to real trip.This year,I will go around the world. Wherever take a look at me!!

mami is punk rocker