Self-Introduction / Group, Family

Mamiya Family HP
This is our art activities. Welcome to visit.

Taka(10 years old) Web Page
We have english Web Page.We intorduce Our family and the city of Odawara in Japan.

MI-KE's family homepage
"MI-KE's family homepage" is infomation room of my family.Please come on my homepage.

Matsumoto Family's Homepage!!
This page is Matsumoto Family's Homepage!!There are our famly's introduction,Matsumoto Family's newspaperand so on.( CLICK HERE at once!! ) i^o^;),(^_^;)

My hobby and my family
Regarding my bobby which are tennis,ski,jogging,yacht,music and so on. and also family is very important to enjoy in my life but we have a lot of problem with education problem recently.

We are the Graphica OBs(Old Girls & Boys)
This is page was made by and for Graphica OBs.We are waiting for all of your precious opinions.

Tsujikawa family's HOME-PAGE !!!
Tsujikawa famly's HOME-PAGE !!!This page is very happy !

Yuki's English Page
Hi! I'm Yuki. This is my first home-pege.There are my news and so on.I am 10 and I want to have many friends.

Social Circle

Welcome to my gallery
This page is skechbook of my favorite things,tale of cat named"sora"and short story.

Life and Travel Info in San Francisco Bay Area
It's about a year since I came to USA from Japan. Our private web site has a lot of info about life in West Coast, travels around San Francisco Bay Area and so on. Come here and enjoy !

Hiro's Home Page
Origami Page

Kimura's Homepage
Typical Japanese family consisting of father, mother,son and daughter. We are introducing daily lives and events or happenings. Photos taken near home may be beautiful and surprising !! Very tiny plants have real faces. And photos may suggest changes of my family.

Kyoto University International Student Society
KIXS is the abbreviation of the "Kyoto University International Student Society". We have relationshipwith foreign students who belong to Kyoto Universityand Stanford Japan Center.

Youko's Room
My homepage contains essay and photographs of domestic and foreign trip, comments for scenes in movies, a book and a painting of the month and, comments and photographs of trips of my friends. Music page will be added more and The Stones page is coming soon. I hope you to enjoy "Youko's Room".

International Club "TRANS"
We are international club "TRANS".About 15 Japanese students and belong to "TRANS".if you are intrested in exchanging with japanese university student and student studying abroad,Come and see our club!!

Baby diary Taiga's Homepage
My child and plan to carry finely events, such as growth after you are born, families' every day, and a visit to a shrine. and although he plans to teach this address as a present when a child becomes 20 years old till then alike being disclosed that is right


Bill Perrin's complete waste of bandwidth from Osaka, Japan
The personal web site of Bill Perrin from Osaka, Japan. Embarrassing family photos, links to cheesy 80's music, Japan info, stupid stuff Bill's found on the net...a complete waste of bandwidth.

Kawachinagano-city youth leader meeting
Welcome to the website of the Kawachi-Nagano youth leader meeting! Doesn't it work together the more interested direction?

Our opinion on the movies we saw with home-use projector and best movie ranking. Wedding picture. Snowboarding. Trip to Europe. Please teach us useful infomation!

entertainer merry
We are fool group,Merry. we'll show you a some photo.

The childcare diary and WEB album containing a photograph of my site are a central childcare system site. I am preparing the chat, a bulletin board, a pleasant game, etc. However, it is a Japanese site.