Princess Diana in Memorial 1961-1997Hot!
This is Princess Diana Momorial site in Japan.Most Japanese is greiving over the Diana's Death.

Forest Of Native American'sHot!
This page is about Native American in North America. Japanese only. Seeking info from Native American Community.

The Election For The Governer Of TokyoHot!
This website gives you a chance to cast a vote for the Tokyo Governer Election. Write whatever you want to say about Tokyo.

Japan Research and Analysis through Internet InformationHot!
Editorials and analyses of social issues by Yasuharu Dando, Japanese newspaper reporter.

New York HistoryHot!
New York History was oriented in each centuries since Henry Hudson discovered the island.

Japanese Hippiedom
All about alternative movement in Japan!

I am preparing English version.This is a market analysis page for market participants.

KODAMA PARTY has revived here
KODAMA PARTY was the most powerful and had the most blood relative in Musashi-shichito (seven parties of samurai in Musashi country) that wielded power from the last Heian era to the Kamakura era.

Takahisa Oishi
Cyber Seminar on Social Issues & Social Sciences

world geography textbook I wrote!I'm very busy and hello for exchange???

It is studied back manners and customs by an assistant
Blog to analyze from various angles about manners and customs seriously

Susan's American Indian Site from Arizona
A native of Japan, a resident of the State of Arizona, Susan Koyama-Steele has been fascinated by the American Indian people for decades, so much so that she pursuited related studies all the way to Master's degree. This site is however, in Japanese with few exception of bilingual English pages.

Composition of IceStorage
Ice Storage System

hirokim house Tokyo Japan
Introduction of Japan and Japanese culture for Filipino living in Japan. Here there is Japanese culture that nobody says.

Holidays News
Think about Japan from the statistics (1930 -2000). Japanese & English.January, 2001. From the start, half year.770 readers. In Site, information accumulation.Two times issue a week. Sat & Wed.

KJ's Page
Hello! My name is Jiro Koyanagi. Please call me "KJ". This page will cover various type of things whatever I am interested in, from hobbies to political issues. And I like to link this page with YOUR page each other. Please let me know the URL of your site! Thank you.

This is a virtual Institute of International Institutional Law.Including the United Nations, World Bank and European Unionand so on.Now, I am trying to make English Home Page of it.

I intend to show you the real Japanese society.What do you think of our society.

Arudou Debito/Dave Aldwinckle's Home Page
An American-born naturalized Japanese citizen, in Sapporo Japan permanently, Arudou Debito/Dave Aldwinckle gives his views as an@individual about discrimination, racism, and even the joys of daily life in this remarkable country, Japan.

The HAN World
HAN is a page provided to promote a better understanding of Koreans in Japan from a scientific viewpoint. The study reported here is small-scale; it has the following four objectives;
  1. Document and publicize achievements of studies on Koreans in Japan;
  2. Present data compiled from "Research on Consciousness among Korean Youth in Japan, 1993" from various angles;
  3. Observe related sites as much as possible; and
  4. Provide an introduction to the current problems of the Koreans in Japan.

Arai's Zanzibar,Tanzania & contemporary art Page
I lived in Zanzibar,92.12 to 94.12 ,to teachcontemporary art in school,Nyumba ya Sanaa,Zanzibar.Now, in Zanzibar There will be election. and Politicalcondition is too bad.People say there will be any confrictions after election. I'd like to repot it because I can get faxor letter from my friesnds in Zanzibar.

This site is operated by an Japanese lawyer working in a major law firm as an associate.

Kenichi Sota Accounting Labo
Welcome to Sota Accounting Labo.This homepage mainly consists of Welcome,Profile,Research,Working Papers and Accounting Link.

'Bring back our youth' court case
We are helping 'Bring back our youth' court case.

Associate Prof. Sensui's world of competition law
This is Mr.SENSUI's HomePage of the japanese competition law (Antimonopoly Law). Mr.SENSUI is Associate professor of competitionlaw, Faculty of Law, Osaka City University.

The society for the study of "conservatism" - Mailing List
This is The society for the study of "conservatism" ; (Mailing List) .

The Pathological World of the Japanese Pseudo-Left-Wingers((c)Kumitoriya)
The content of this Web Page is not based upon a professional study of pseudo-Left-Wingers. It is more like a personal report and opinion about the Japanese pseudo-Left-Wingers. Thus it contains much of my sarcastic personality. However, the substance of it is nevertheless serious.

The New Comic Song
senryu verse,epigram,hiku,cheap joke,satire of the social conditions and poliltical situations in Japan.traslators of any language,please acsess to my site! I would like to publish my book.

Atsugi City Councillor Hiroshi Takada on the web
This page contains an introduction to Japanese politics. Also, if you are interested in travel in Japan, please click on this page and I will be able to give you some advice.

How to Write English Resume: Don't Copy and Paste Samples
Basic manners and rules to write effective English resume mainly for the IT or foreign companies in Japan along with the photo tour of towering office buildings and landmarks of Japan.

History of Syakazuka
History of Asano clan and the vassals came From Kyoto to Echigo.Utamaro came to Asano with their mutual teacher's mortuary tablet.

This Page is "Sangokushi".Sangokushi is Story of China before 1800 Years Ago.


futures trading for biginners
futures trading site for biginners


AmerAsians in Okinawa Supported by The Children of Peace Network
Statistics with full description of U.S./Japanese citizenship laws, child support/education problems, Okinawan history, women, and U.S. military as it relates to Okinawan AmerAsians.

Our spilitual world or will change dramatically at the biginning of the next century -Silent, Objest relations to Dynamic, live relations.This page shows right road to enter new world.

Ainu special exhibition assemble and think" of guidance
Ainu special exhibition assemble and think" of guidance There is the suspicion that was collected to, a part of this collection without regard to the human right of Ainu.

}{}{ Ainu puyarA }{}{
Ainu is indigenouspeopie in japan.This page masrer is Ainu.have BBS AllLinks Maillinglist database etc...

Level seven accidents of Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations
Level seven accidents of Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations


I select carefully and introduce an up-and-coming topic, news and an event to bring itself super.

Volunteer for Reforming Urban Life
For Every Urban Dweller & Environment!There are my reports and opinions to make your and my cities be kind to every urban dweller and environment;Radical critic against bicycle policy of Japanese local govrenments,Against exploitation from the people under the name of "environmental problem"

Chicken Header's Memo
The latest issues in Japan are explained easiry by the author of "Thinking about the Snow brand".You may find interesting topics if you can read Japanese.

" Ehime Maru" atomic sub Greenville in the United States of America
It is a desire about the accident which atomic sub Greenville in the United States of America sinks practice ship " Ehime Maru" which the student apprentices in the Ehime prefectural Uwajima marine high school rided to.

Children's Law
This site is written ONLY in Japanese.

}{}{ Ainu puyarA }{}{ ` The window of Ainu world `
IndigenousPeoples in northern Japan

hatomimi@kikudake website

a jobess review
i Want to talk about the discremination on the aged and young jobless

Bobbie's Rep Journal
Bobbie's Rep Journal gives you a perspective of what's going on in North America.

history of kyudo(japanese archery)-samurai
I wrote history of kyudo(japanese archry).This web is wrote by real samurai-descendant. Won't you drop in at my home page on your way home!!

New Zealand's Dream
The deposit in New Zealand dollar appears to attract people in Japan due to the high interest rate with NZ$. The writer casts the doubts whether it really is the time to invest the money into NZ$.


The bulletin board of a traffic accident
Please write the information on eyewitnessing.

Migiko who is a school girl
There is a right wing column in Migiko's homepage.

Generous-treatment-for-stockholders calendar monthly trade
There is a monthly calendar of generous treatment for stockholders.

Disgusting Memory of Mankind
I hope this Homepage help us to remember the disgusting memories of mankind.Please, never forget our grave crimes.

List of Free Metatrader Indicators and indicator charts

There is an English version.

"maruta" is a log.
This blog shows exsentric political proposes. For example, death punishment, body punishment, non-loose education, invalid foreign workers rejection, whale eating and invalid constructor rights rejection.

Host Club Administration
Site about how to operate the host club.

Do you grasp all holidays without looking calendar?
This site is about holidays in Japan. When is it? What is it for?

Business Person In Kita-Kyushu
Introducing core business people in Kita-Kyushu, Fukuoka.

Get A Job in Asia
I made this web site about starting a job in Asian coutries like Thailand, since I wanted to do so.

Left wing political organization, —Jš ŽÉ, we divine wind special attack unit
Pretense! Is it an economics doctor? "World Shintani" comments on a background of politics and the economy of all the countries of the world.