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ITIS TravelersHot!
A travelers guide and network to independent travel. We cover 13+ countries in South East Asia & Central Europe.Up-to-date essential information on transport, accommodation, restaurants, visas, etc.

Joy of Travel AbroadHot!
This page presents "Mileage Computer" which calculatesmileage you will earn, just input your itinerary (Northwest & United only).Also provides 2- or 3-letter code converter.

If you like the Cairns,Please have look this web site.May be you could get lots of information of the Cairns.We neary do to up date everyday.which mean you can get fresh idea.

A la France (Easy drive in France)Hot!
how to drive in france, western europe by rent-a-car. driving tips, road information, troubles etc. and also latest information of france by a correspondant!

Second-class Souvenirs all over the worldHot!
I will show the sourvenirs of mine on photos, everything is quite rare, so check it out.

Yoshiga's Wales Page
A guide to Wales, mainly to Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

New Zealand's Dream
It was the bet for the rest of my life to take a great risk. I will head for making a goal of my life in New Zealand.

Life in Chicago
Hello from Akky's family in Chicago.This HP presents about our travels all over the U.S., my hobby golf and my family.

Toronto info.
Here is my homepage from Toronto canada.I'll give you special info. Don't miss it!

HIDEout Paris
I'm living in Paris and send you the latest informations of France.

Tak's Website
A lot of photos of New Orleans, N.Y, Chicago, and Mexico. Introduces some Japanese traditional songs, too.

Our goal for our life is travelling all of the WORLD! We have been travelled 32 countries so far! This HP "VIVAPARIS" has a lots of information re world helitage, cuise etc., pls have a look!

Kunifusa Heritage Trip
BackPacker Heritage Trip.Israel,jurdan,Gress,Cyprus,Kenya,Mexico

silkroad's town
About silkroad.

Hello from San Antonio
A post doc. fellow's research life at San Antonio, Texas.

The north England desk top correspondence
Japansese only page.mainly my report and writing/photo.

Cute things,strange things, GIF animations, wallpapers, Comic strip, cool midi, Japanese language lesson,etc.. Interesting report about the cultural differences between U.S. and Japan.

Only Japanese publiation being ABC audited for circulation in North America, we offer the must information to the Japanese tourists and gamblers in Las Vegas and the other gateway cities and in Japan.We have online media kit on site.

Elisha's Fountain
Elisha's Fountain, personal Homepage and virtual Carrier has several lines for you. You can go several different world,−travel,philosophy,Bible, etc. Please see Boarding Table and get on board any plane. Eliaha's Fountain hopes to see you again and again, and welcome your comments.                                  editor : Elisha Levi

APT Tulsa
Information about Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

The king of journey
To the world! For getting paradise!This site is for the world travelers.Violent expriences,cartoons and quize about world trip are ready.

Enjoy photographs and CGI-blue's page-
You can see many kind of Country's beautiful photographs that I took,Guam,England, Australia,Italy,Greece,Sweden,Indonesia,HongKong,Paris,Hawaii. You can also enjoy My diary,Water painting in Nara,History of Nara,Quiz,Guest Room. Why don't you come and see it with me?

CYCLE'S SQUARE is reporting historical, cultural topics of the world.
'Ancient Aorld Club' is for those who interested in ancient civilizations, 'Aroud the World' includs small, interesting stories from all over the world.

Cuban pictures.Habana,Fidel Castro,Che Guevara,Santiago de Cuba,Revolution.Socialism,Kids,Worker,Dance,Music

Ci sono miei diarii di viaggio con molte foto, una pagina per molte citta in Italia e una entrata per gli artisti rinascimentali.Vengano qui, per favore!

Walking & Thinking
This homepage is owned by a Development Consultant. I hope to discuss and think toghterabout the Developing Countries by walking by own feet.

HYAC in Thiland
Introducing Khumer ruins in Thailand such as Khao Phra Viharn, Phanom rung with many photos. Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Phuket, and Kanchanabury also introduced.

Live in USA
This page is for Japanese who live in USA.

NE-CO's Homepage
The interactive web site of NE-CO the Cats; NENNE, tabby, and COCOA, Persian-Himalayan.Need a little laugh? Then come and see NE-CO's photo gallery."Tell Me! Japanese" and "Tell Me! Americans" introduce Japan VS US cultural Q&A and cats talk.Please give NE-CO your opinion.

Tadashi's Homepage
There are the photos that I have taken during my trips. In addition, I write diary in my web site. Check and enjoy it!!

The Base
The contents of this page is mainly about my trip to Vietnam and Poland. It includes a lot of pictures. I met many people and there were a lot of incidents there. You must enjoy! I prepare many other contents. Please come and read them!!

Jomonya Home Page
Trekking in Annapurna region, Burma and Thailand, Making working holiday in Australia, and so on. This site is 99% Japanese only.

Hello, here is international traveler's information web site. If you want to go to foreign countries, you should check here! This web has special information about JAPAN.You need this information, so click me!

Kenji Sasaki
Don't you think that you find too much junk information on Internet! I live in Canadian Rockies and choose very useful and better information to achieve a lot of fun for you when you are planning to come here.

Japoland introduce Poland, informe polish Lifestyle and Sightseeingplace

Australia trip sketch.I wanna communicate about tripping. If you interesting my site, contact from my mail form please.

NEW YORK Info by Author living in NY, Written in Japanese.

what's new
You can get a lot of information about New York.

Some good tales for travellar.
My pages show you how I have traveled from Istambul to Paris. And My pages can be read by Japanese only.Sorry! But, I have some photography of Turkey, Bolivia, and so on. Perhaps these make you enjoy.And I have BBS board in my pages, so you can ask us about Japanese travel information.Especially, I can tell you Japanese used camera shop imformation. There is many shop selling used camera in Tokyo. If you want to know about these, mail or send message to my BBS.

The Bard of Avon: Shakespeare in Stratford
My personal guides to Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare and theatre! Lists of all accommodation, sightseeing spots, restaurants, Japanese healthy diet, free Japanese lessons and lots more to explore!

Kimino at Sublimity Elementary School in London Kentucky
I have been in London KY for a year as an intern to introduce Japanese culture. Since my experience, I would like to give my hug to everyone who knows me.

Japanese man in Ireland
Come & see!

Hiroaki's Homepage -Turky is-
I think Turky is ......

TMK's website about traveling islands in Asia, South Pacific, Indian Ocean... Lots of travel photos! Check out my sand collection!

Under the Sky of Warsaw
Polish life from Japanese eyes! A Japanese who started to live in Warsaw by marriage. Everyday is a new day, encoutering series of culture shocks!

Looking for Heavenly Spring
travel guide about hot springs around the world, mineral spring spas and termes. Europe,Asia and America.

Welcome to Arizona
Web Albam from Japanese family living in Arizona USA.


makoto shojo
hello! my name is makoto shojo. i am japanese. i have been studying abroad in santa monica. santa monica is really beautiful city. i like here. and i am planning to travel all over america by amtrak. i am looking forward to traveling. in this homepage, i am going to write about my usual day.

Shellgathering in Shores
Travel information of Maldives.Fun Island Resort.Bandos.Velidu.FAQ.

Travel diary_ikeikedondon
I wrote much of my travels about Ireland, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Japan.

All Around Italy -Viaggiamo in Italia-
This is a virtual tour guide for those who want to go All Around Italy.

All About Italy
If you want to know all about Italy, try take a look at this page.

Macau Welcomes You !
All About Macau

Plan your travel by yourself. Travel information on UK (England) including tips & keywords. Write your comment on BBS!

Gina's Travel Diary-Love to visit World Heritage
Gina,working woman,who is mad about travelling introduces travel diary at this homepage.Main contents includes plenty of photos of heritage,and also information of attractive cafes and tea houses I visited during my trip

Loft Living
I hope that you will enjoy my journey about Japan and it arouse your travel bug! I also hope that my site will motivate you to visit and explore the many intresting cities and towns of Japan!

Homepage de MINAMINO Shigeru
Personal page of a Japanese student of law living in Paris. Information on Paris, on constitutional law, and film reviews, diary, photos etc.

Florence information : IL LEVANTE
Florence informations : Italian language schools,Hotels,Restaurants,etc.There are many photoes and a map.

Hotel List in Prague
Hotel List in Prague, made in April,1999.Links to the HP of hotels and e-mail address arealso available.There are some links to other pages.If you can use Japanese(?), you can also enjoy myfavorite sightseeing course in Prague and many pictures of Prague.

Minila and Banboocha from Hawaii
Aloha from Hawaii! Minila(2yr old) and banboocha(0yr old) will guide you to all the places in Hawaii where family with little kids can enjoy!

jannkenn euro
travel to asia four years ago

booa's easygoing diary(only in Japanese)
If you love spainish culture,football,food,etc...come and have a look at my diary.The author lives in Spain having an easygoing life.

My Homepage About Swedish Sweets
many swedish sweets i have eaten here in sweden

Wanna' know about OZ&Brisbane? Then, you have to check my page !

Web Rivista mensile Amore Mio
Web rivista mensile per tutti i colori giapponesi.

travel around the world as a student "blink of stars"
I have done 14months "travel around the world". You will see some reports and pictures during the journey. The places I have visited includes Kosovo, Servia Montenegro, Macedonia, Israel, Jordan, Estonia, Ecuadur, Venezuela etc

Los Angeles Guide
This is the Information site of Los Angeles for traveling, dining and so on. There are also lots of information to start to live in Los Angeles.


K's Factory
This HP introduce Polad,Aushwitz.

Washington DC Correspondence
Washington DC Correspondence

Spain fan
General infomations of spanish fantagy for yourtravel.

A Little Journey
Informations of american Nt'l parks.Onky Japanese text.

woman to the first traveling abroad
The first traveling-abroad real experience performed by one woman. It explains in detail until it results in a discount air ticket, insurance, a property, and procedure. I think if it becomes reference of those who will go from now on!

HYAC in Slovenia
Introducing Slovenia with many Photos. Capital Ljubljana, resort Bled lake and Bohini lake.

HYAC in Croatia/Hrvatska
Introducing Croatia/Hrvatska which some UNESCO World Heritageslakes, Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir. They remain old towns. beautiful Plitvice Lakes. capital Zagreb.

Eternal city Rome and Pompeii
A Japanese guy goes to Rome and Pompeii.I've longwanted to visit the greatest ancient city ,Rome.So many ruins,museums and people.I can't describethis country in a few words.

My homepage about Swedish Sweets
i have been studying in sweden 2 years and i have eten many sweets here,i think swedish sweets are more delicious than japanese ones,so i made this can see some swedish traditional cakes and sweets which you have never seen before.

SUTEKI places in Portland!
Welcome to Portland, Oregon! A friendly guide of restaurants, shops, concert venues, movie theaters, and more! in English and Japanese.

Japanese Entertainment Paper of AUS [CHEERS]
I'm making entertaiment paper what is called "CHEERS" for Japanese. If you interest, Please come & see my HP! Thank you very much.

I stopped backpacker,and start new life in Thailand.

For girls who love travelling,airplanes and airports.I focus on information which make travelling by airplanes quite fascinating.

Airmail from HYACINTHUS
Introducing some countries of regions I have been to with many Photos. Thailand, Croatia/Hrvatska, Slovenia, Austria, and Japan/Nippon.

Peaceful days of my summer trip in Ireland
i love sweets and i ate many sweets in ireland,e.g scones,apple pies etc,so you can see those sweets which i ate and some pictures of views which i took in the beautiful country.


Sumori Ginza
VOW photo gallery (series of weird stuff found on the streets, product packages, ads, etc.) Also includes travel essays of Cuba and New Orleans, etc.

Japanese Tourist Guide
Proveds information of sights&attractions, restaurants, and shopping in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Hawaii.

USA & JapanTrip Infomation
This page is for trip to USA and Japan. There aresome good link to travel in USA and Japan for trip. Especially trafic information is so good.Come on and Check this page!

Introduction to Africa
Many photoes present livelihood in Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya etc. Streaming files of dances in Tanzania and Malawi are available

We are introducing all of Berlin in this site.Unfortunately, contents are in Japanese only.

Backgroundtitles of Maps pf austraralia
Web graphics of Austraria map

Vie quotidienne en France - photos, notes, recettes, liens

Mango Square
A Japanese student living in Honolulu introduce information of everyday life in Hawaii to you!Photo journal, easy-cooking recipe, & diary.Japanese language font is requaired to see my site.

Portugal, travel with my son and wife
We traveled in Portugal during summer vacation. This site involves many pictures in Purtugal and introduces my book 'Portugal, travel with my son and wife'.

Takahirock's travels in New York
It is a travel where two Japanese of the Tokyo living went to sightseeing in New York in the autumn of 2010.

Information about Iran, the country of heartful and warm hospitality.


I want to go abroad more!
I like travelling very much.I've been to HongKong,Korea,Guam,Bali,Canada,Vietnum and Taiwan for 7 years.I also like taking the pictures,so I can show you a lot of pictures on my web site.I want you come there!

How to save your money for Studying Abroad
this is for japanese, the how to save your money for studying abroad in Canada.

New Zealand's Dream Photo Gallery
These are the photos I have taken during my residence in New Zealand, mainly in Auckland. You will feel this country as if you are here.

Happy Wanderer
A Japanese girl who love travelling abroad(and use to stay in NewZealand for 1 year)introduce you Japanese culture, food, language, seasons,flowers, philosophy etc...

Beautiful things in my life
Beautiful things in my life Content MY TRAVEL Maldive & Singapore Four Seasons Resort - Maldives at - Kuda Huraa Soneva Gili Resort & Spa Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Italia United States of America INSIDE SKINNY NEMZO & Q Self introduction

There are my memories of US life.I have been in US for 3 years.If you don't speak japanese, you can enjoy because there are so many pictures with my essay.

Welcome to jimmy's website
I took photoes when I visited foreign countries personaly or joinining group tours as Photo site. Also I described my comment or opinion with topics as Coffee Break site.

I visited England, and made a website about my trip. You can see a lot of pictures that I took in London and Liverpool. Please check it out if you have spare time.

Caprice! Finland life diary
Caprice! Finland life diaryEats! Seeing! and Hearing! Everyhing what I feeling about Finland and Northern Europe. Decoration
c'est l'homepage de presenter pour les cultures francais et japonais. Enchantee!!

Le billet doux/London&Paris
When I went to London to study English and Paris for sightseeing, I took a lot of pictures. And also I'm writing columns.
This site will provide information of japanese traditional arts and i have so many photo.....

All about HAWAII for me TAKA
This is my home page about HAWAII!! my like.

Traveler-S〜Nonfiction backpacker of the trip
The account of a Japanese Backpacker travel. Asia, Europe, Egypt, the Middle East, the United States, India. A cheap hotel, border, traffic and safe information, the property of a trip, a link collection, the account of prison torture museum experience

New York Virtual Tour
New York Virtual Tour takes you to city's must see landmarks, tour spots and points of interest along some of city's famous streets.

gurecat world tour last fly
self world suruveid .japanese quality original hand maide

Running Traveller's Home
I'm "Running Traveller" Koichi. I enjoy running, travelling and sometimes travelling by running. This page is established to show you such my travel & my home town YOKOHAMA. If you visit Yokohama, and wish to enjoy running, orienteering, please let me know.

Hawaii 24/7
Photos, travel diaries on Hawaii owned by a woman who just loves everything about Hawaii!

Buongiorno dall'Italia!
Vera vita italiana.

Bon Voyage
Travel photos of all over the world

Bon Voyage!
Travel photographs from all over the world taken by the site manager

loopp -vancouver infomation-
This is vancouver multiculture site !!We would like to intoduce vancouver of all.Please show "loopp" site !

mooses' travelers' guidebook.
this is a travelers' guidebook of canada losangeles and alaska yukonriver.

Broadbill-Birdwatcher's Site
Introducing birdwatching in Japan, Australia, Malaysia and other countries where I visited before. Birding in Japan including major birding spots in Japan and how to do birding in Japan is a popular page among birders who visit Japan.

This world seems not enough for us
Basically, this website is in Japanese. But Still, you can see many photos of beautiful nature and world heritages.

Czech&Slovak News Index
Every news at Czech & Slovak

working holiday de Australia
working holiday in Australia site

Voyage without a chart - travel dialy by sembear
This is the record of my some "hit-or-miss" travels. Including good infomation about Hawaii, Guam, LA, San Jose, and JAPAN!

The trip photograph of World, a net princess
Many beautiful traveling-abroad photographs

Travel photograph in net princess world
There are a lot of travel photographs in the world. It is possible to enjoy it very much.

Yama Basque Umi Basque
A weblog introducing basque coutry in France. Japanese only.

Gold Coast Broadcasting
Japanese blog on local Gold Coast events and Australian news.

US Personal Finance website (in Japanese!)
FIPlanning (formally known as provides information about personal finance in U.S. all written in Japanese. Banking, home purchase, investment, retirement plan, insurance, etc. The site provide in depth knowledge and recent news in personal finance!

travelog in chile
Backpacking travelog in Chile,also travel information,photo gallery,trecking report

Travelog in Espana
Travelog,cheap hostel guide,gurmet in Espana.

Traveling alone in Chile
Alone travelog in Chile.Guide,foto gallery,trecking report.

This site introducing Taipei's gay informations.Club,Sauna,Spa etc.I am going to update informations day by day.

Alone Travelog in Chile
Japanese Backpacker's Travelog,treking,hostel report,photo garelly

Tour around the world record
Tour around the world record

Memory of travel
Memory of travel

La Maison Delmas
This is a blog introduces Paris cultural heritage, gourmet, fashion, etc., to Japanese people. This blog's manager is Karine who lives in Paris, France.

Travel Notebook
This site is Personal travel(backpacker) and hobby and introduce of Miyamaedaira town . Travels and photos of individual travelers to travel in the back pack , and we plan to introduce the know-how or the like based on their own experience .