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thisi page is kasugai/komaki city site in aichi.

Celebrities Comes From NIIGATA Prefecture !!
Celebrities Comes From NIIGATA Prefecture.This is List of Celebrities come from NIIGATA Prefecture.NIIGATA People Must SEE!!

This site is history site in Nagoya. Nagoya is very powerful city.Why Nagoya City is big?

ASA's World!
These pages don't discuss which exist or not. Feeling monsters is important. Let's go on a trip to search for the hidden romances in some superstitions.

Dekayama Festival In NANAO
This festival starts on May 3rd, and ends on May 5th. During this periods, the Nanao city has twice of number of people compaired with that of the usual. We are very pleased if you will enjoy this web site.

Introduction of over 500 night scenic spots in Hokuriku area - Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Toyama and Fukui - with photograhs and maps.

A Historical Guest House in Kagamihara
Introducing some historical spots in Kagamihara, Gifu.

Fun Anjo Tanabata Festival is an event full
Introducing such as development and holding events of Anjo Tanabata Festival! Or once even someone who does not have that went not go to visit?

Okazaki City attractions | Okazaki of the four seasons
The sights of the Okazaki City is a site that was introduced in every season. On the weekend, how about not miss the Okazaki City to consecutive holidays?

Flowers and sightseeing spots in Shizuoka
Information about flowers and sightseeing spots in Shizuoka which is located in center of Japan.