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This site supports your trip in Hokkaido.Please come to Hokkaido and enjoy Hokkaido!

Tsugaru New Swan Photo Gallery
The famous place, the historic spot, and ruins of all seasons spring, summer, fall and winter of Tsugaru with a photograph.

Japan Roadside Photo Album
This web site is my photo album and the trip reports with many pictures, when I made sightseeing trips by my car, "TOYOTA SURF", around Japan.

GOOD iwate
welcom iwate

Welcome to Toma(Hokkaido Toma-cho)
The Toma-cho sight-seeing guidance.(Japanese display)

Information of Kosaka town about the beautiful Lake Towada and Japanese oldest darama theater Korakukan .

Yuyaku Nenbutsu
Yuyaku Nenbutsu is a very unique religious event. We can see one at only 3 places in Japan.

Ikechang & Many Friends
Ikechang and Many Friends, we show you infomation about tourism and news in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefect and hobby, tourism in Vietnam, etc.

Heisei Nabe Gassen
Heisei Nabe Gassen is the festival of pot food. We can eat many variety of pot food, not only Yamagata Prefecture but also Northeast area in Japan, other countries.

Spa in Tendo
We show you infomation about Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture in Japan.Tendo City is famous as the town of Shogi (Japanese chess).At this page, you can get infomation about Tendo Spa and many hotels.


Association of bathing at Nyuto Hot springs
Introduction of Nyuo hot springs.

Ningen Shogi
Every spring, we have the festival Human Japanese chess game in Tendo. Many samurai perform as pieces of Japanese chess game.

Bycycle jyourney arround Hokkaidou.It's not joke. Just real things.

News in Tendo
We show news in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture in Japan. Tendo City is famous as the hometown of shogi (Japanese chess) in Japan.

Town.kunimi's Home Page

Hokkaido Kagayaku-Net
We invite you mani photos,report and e-cards in Hokkaido Japan.

Walking on "The Narrow Road to The Deep North"
Basho was the famous HAIKU poets in Edo Era. He started from Edo in 1,689 with Sora traveled around TOHOKU and HOKURIKU Districts. After the travel Basho made a long literary piece of travel writing. I and my friend traced their traveling route (about 1,700Km) on foot.