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Kyoto Mystery Legend Tourist GuideHot!
The trip over the mysterious legend of Kyoto thrills you!

kadoma Days
The nformation of the life in Kadoma city. History and the place of interest historic spot, it introduces the city life and the events in four seasons. It publishes also the guidepost to Kadoma Drivers License Examination Office.


Kumano city - My hometown
Kumano city is a small town in the southern part of Japan.If you like diving, fishing, it is a good place to go. See my homepage and visit there.

From the mountainside of Oishi
You will find the information of Hiland Park Oishi (Wkayama Prefecture).

Japan Otsu City Sakamoto
Worldwide cultural inheritance Hieizan Enryakuji temple Japan Otsu City Sakamoto Sakamoto is in an area the most large lake " BIWAKO " is in Japan.

Suita Roman Club
VR'retoro tripp on Suitashi Japan. and many art&music rink on my site.

Nihonkai Hot Web
Please show this site.

Walking Kyoto sightseeing-guide
This is the sightseeing site of the Kyoto, by the Kyoto people, for the Kyoto lovers! Kyoto is the best place to go sightseeing in Japan. (English)

Sightseeing spots in RAKUSAI Kyoto Japan by naradate
Kyoto is the beautiful ancient capital .The first Imperial Palace was built at Kyoto in A.D.794. RAKUSAI,the west side of the KYOTO city JAPAN is known for interesting temples. I will introduce the popular sightseeing spots in RAKUSAI Kyoto.

Welcome my homepage.This page introdustes japanese anicent object andresort "SPA" place .their mainly@place is Japanese says "KANSAI area".

Ayai danjiri festival
Ayai danjiri festival.

Kyoto guesthouse kyonoen Japan
traditional Kyoto style Japanese guest house "Kyo no en" located in Kyoto is here! While soaking in the fabulous Kyoto atmosphere you would definitely feel right at home when you stay with us at a wonderful guest house and meet people from all over the worldc


The USJ ramble!
In "The USJ ramble! ", mainly in the set of the movie which was discovered while the ramble came and did USJ, I introduce the attractiveness of USJ!

Kinkaku-ji Templey Kyoto sightseeing with a photographz
It is "the charm of Kinkaku-ji Temple" that it introduces various information to about Kinkaku-ji Temple of Kyoto [I see the sights of Kyoto with a photograph]. This place that is attractive as a destination is the cultural assets which are precious as a national treasure.

Travel from Osaka to Ise G. Shrine to offer thanks
The popular folk song, 'Ise-Ondo', which was sung on the way to Ise by travelers, has the folloing the words of a song: "I would like to go and to see Ise at least once in my life time." Then I walked from Osaka to Ise with my friend.

My Diary Pilgrimage in Kinki District
The Pilgrimage of 33 Temples 'SAIGOKU' means that we make a pilgrimage of Buddhist temples where @Kwannons, the Goddesses of Mercy are worshiped in KINKI and TOKAI District in turn. The route of this pilgrimage (about 1,200Km) is the oldest one in Japan. I made the pilgrimage with my friend.

Kyoto Takaragaike Guide
This site introduces Takaragaike park in Kyoto with photographs.

Welcome to OSAKA
Enjoy Osaka life! We introduce you more convenient information about hotels

INEXS Intercultural Experience Society
INEXS is an Osaka-based international friendship and intercultural experiences group. We meet regularly to enjoy communication and making new friends of many nationalities.

Osaka blog -KAEDE-
The small story collections of the professional about date spot and their bits of knowledges at Osaka Loop Line.