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Topics of KOCHI
Topics of KOCHI

Digital BLUE Homepage
This page will allow you to leave the din and bustle of a city and bring you to the "Digital Blue" cyber space. I'll be happy if you feel a peace of mind , regardless of loving the sea or not.

Kentaro's country report
Kentaro are reporting about life of Miyazaki.its have infomation for moving to miyazaki.

hurusato tsushin
From Kchinotsu, nagasaki.

kentaro kai
syodo good! racehorse good!

Nagasaki, Beppu Spa, Aso Mountain Photos
Verious photos in Kyushu area -- Wolrd famous scenaries -- Nagasaki's old houses , Aso Mountain, Beppu Spa area, Oita Hover Craft etc.etc.

Folklore data of Kagoshima Japan
I report the history of the Satsuma peninsula and the data of folklore. Especially, I review the traditional events in the City of Kaseda.

hukuoka temple shrine
hukuoka temple shrine from very famous and others.
shikoku pr site in tokushima

ff - fukuoka freak -
ff is community website for Fukuoka Freaks.

It is a page of which the regional information of Kyushu, Kansai, and Kanto in Japan.

Why don't you visit Kyushu Japan!
This site will introduce you Kyushu's nice spot.

My Diary of Pilgrimage in Shikoku Island
I went on a pilgrimage in order to visit the 88 Buddha temples from No. 1 temple to No. 88 one in turn in SHIKOKU Island on foot in order to lead a kind of ascetic lives in Buddhism. The total walking distance of the pilgrimage tour is about 1,100 km.

Yumesaki Park Guide
Yumesaki Park Guide

Saga Kuko Park
Saga Kuko Park

Higatayoka Park
Higatayoka Park

Jounmon Sugi Cedar in Yakushima -the World Heritage
This site shows a slide show about the trekking tour to Joumon Sugi Cedar, which is the World Heritage. The trekking takes 10 hours but you can see it the in only 5 min here, powered by FLASH Streaming. Enjoy the beauty of Nature, reportedly 7000 years old.