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Public Bath House information in Tokyo Japan.How to Publuc Bath House.

Suzuki's Page
Hello!This is Suzuki's Page.You know? Suzuki is the most popular name in Japan.This Page presents you the Downtown information of Tokyo in Japan.Kameido,Kinshicho,and so on.

the queen of cave
Deep in the mountain the queen of the cave is waiting for you for 365 days. The queen is already 90 years old. Visit there and enjoy!

The timetable of the bus on a regular route of Chiba & Katsushika
The timetable of the bus on a regular route of Chiba within-the-prefecture each station is opened for "the timetable legible to anyone" to the concept. Moreover, the history and the present condition for every route are explained, and also the maniac data about a bus is substantial.

Visit Tachikawa Tokyo (Japanese)
Some recent information from Tachikawa,the past famous air base for US air force after written in Japanese ONLY.

Virtual tours at Nasu-kogen in JAPAN
Information about Nasu-kogen in Japan.NASU,Tochigi Prefecture,JAPAN

Welcome to the Tanabata Festival in Shonan Hiratsuka, Japan!
Here introducing the Tanabata Festival in Shonan Hiratsuka with gorgeous pictures in this site.

Seven Mile Beach File
Mr. Greenwood presents latest information about Seven Mile Beach, Japan and about other interesting topics.

Information of HACHIOJI TOWN
Town guide of TOKYO HACHIOJI-city.

the Seven Gods of Luck
Lets introduce the Seven Gods of Luck in Japan

Arata's schedule
There is information on Koenji and Punk.

Essential Love Collection
Hello !!My Homepage open Experiment of Love to the public!You can try !!

Go for a walk with Chiro
Information(spot,we want to go)in Japan.In particular,Tokyo and Yokohama.Only Japanese.

A Guide to Yokohama
This site provides general travel information to tourists visiting Yokohama in Japan and introduces hotspots in Yokohama.

Setagaya memoirs
Introduce the viewpoint of the sightseeing spot, the walking course , delicious shops and the Setagaya line place along railway-tracksin Setagaya where I grew up.

Chiba pref. bus timetable site
This page is "Chiba pref. bus timetable".

Akabane Information Center
Will continue to provide various information by using a digital camera photos we've seen in the region mainly Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo.

salon de koenji
Koenji.strange town.

Japan Sightseeing Guide(Kanto),Picture Gallery,Video
In this web site, over 110 Japan sightseeing areas(Kanto) are introduced.*Kanto literally means "east of the barriers".Tokyo,Kanagawa,Saitama,Chiba,Ibaraki,Tochigi and Gunma.

Kohoku Ward Takata Navigation Takatan
Community site based on Kohoku ward Takata area

Awesome Roller Coasters
The Only Comprehensive Resource for Japanese Roller Coasters.

Takasaki Kannon
Temple of Takasaki Kannon

The park of the area along Seibu Lines is introduced.
Introduction of the park in Tokyo where those who live along Seibu Lines go out freely, and the park whose cherry blossom viewing is possible

The Photograph of Shonan and Kamakura

You Me town Urawa
It introduces the history and communal facilities, etc. in Urawa district the photograph and with the map.

footprints on the Tama blue ridge hills
Exciting pictures taken around Tama hills. Beautiful landscapes of hills,woods and plowland, Japanese tenples, flowers, animals, insects and life of people. Hills road map(GPS log data of paths on hills)will help you.

My Diary of Pilgrimage in Chichibu Area
After I finished 'Pilgrimage in Kinki District' and 'Pilgrimage in Kanto District', I want to complete 100 Kannon Pilgrimage including Kinki, Kanto and Chichibu. Then I made the pilgrimage with my friend.

My Diary of Pilgrimage in Kanto District
'BANDO' is the old name of Kanto. And 'BANDO' measn "Eastern Area from Slope of Passes". (The Passes seem to indicate Ashigara Pass in "Sagami" Country and Usui One in "Kozuke" Country.) The route of this pilgrimage is about 1,300Km. I made the pilgrimage with my friend.

tokyo bbq area
there is tokyo bbqarea
How do you spend your time at the Narita airport while you are waiting for your flight? . I want to talk about Cool Japan at the Narita Airport.