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Thank you for HappyBirthday.
It is our hope that this encounter will be productive.

15 years ago a man stood up for the earth, and he changed the future of the planet. This enlightened man has been devoting his entire life for purification of the earth. This man's biography "AWAKENING" was translated from Japanese into English, and its entire text is presented here.

multilingual piazza CELULAS nonprofit organization accredited
Our organization is dedicated to enjoy contributing to the world as well as to enjoy learning multiple languages by meeting many people. We like to learn from people including ones from all over the world. We don't have English page yet. But you are welcome to socialize with us!

boyscout kasai 1
Hello.This is boyscout homepage. Sorry Japanese only.

The thinking about aging of the population
How to think about aging of the population?There is no time.Because We also will be an aelderly adult very soon.

No More Tragedy
Don't you stick a banner on your homepage, either and doesn't a protest indicate about U.S. simultaneous frequent occurrence terrorism?

C.A.N. H.E.L.P. Thailand
C.A.N. H.E.L.P. Thailand is an NGO helping educational environment of north eastern part of Thailand. We have scholarship program, building program, lunch support program, sister schools program and others. Please visit our website.

the Tohoku Earthquake Volunteer news
HeW CO-OP JAPAN and Japan Federation of Democratic Medical Institutions is makes the Tohoku Earthquake Volunteer news blog.You can look to the Earthquakes Photo and moviePhotograph can speak all languageIf this blog is read, the Tohoku Earthquake will be understood.

freespace hakodate
A free space free plateau is the free space built for the child and parents of an area.

Hidekatsu's Web Page
Deaf, Japanese Sign Language, Kyu Sakamoto, Car. There is Pen Pal BBS for the Deaf and hearing.

abura's kingdom
DEAF of Tokyo is carrying out MY homepage management in Japan. It provides about the information about the event about sign language in Tokyo. Please come for play.

Let's think about our ecology
Let's think about our ecology!!


Notice sagi!
Notice Sagi!

Activities of the Universal Design Study Group
To raise the quality of living environment, a product, and service, we need more information on cooperation and integration beyond professional area and integration. In addition, feed back system from citizens to administration is continuously required.

NPO River Basin Control Bureau
We plan river side nature school,investigate basin and river shaping process, and usage of country material as reed and bamboo.You can enter ancate form of river environment.We hope Kyotanabe,Minoo,and Sonobe habitats answer these questions.

Cebu Supporters' Educational Association
Record of NGO active on Cebu island.Cebu Supporters' Educational Association Story.

I am deaf.I will continue to record what I felt in life.