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free game down load(block brake game etc...)
Shockwave3D, Java and Windows games and tools

TOM@no Siro
There is tarot divining in one, the free gift in the game of five and Java Script in the game which works in Java.Use for the advertisement of the HP because there is an automatic registration link, too.

World Puzzler, Come on join us!

The kanturns Adventure
This game is about the superhero named Kanturn who want the "Jinzo cookie". jinzo cookie has the super power. The charmed life. so the quest of the kanturn begins!

The wars of roses3
Thw wars of roses

Online Web Game

Endless Battle CGI Game for Japanese
this game is about Battle Sumulation.GANDAM, RAGNAROK,,,etc. you can use many charactor!

Free WebGame

It can play with shockwave [the various games ]! Drop in readily, and it can play easily! Come by all means to try it because all the games have a high score registration function!

Game corner
The pleasant collection of games.

R's Life
There are some Flash Games in my site.Please enjoy it by all means.

It happy HP please come ingame is this

Lord Vader's Sanctuary
There's FFA and Hakoniwa. There are about 60 games.

We introduce you the old game from past, and you can play it with your computer.I made my original game called sonic adventure.

Free Online Game RedStone,It is Play-Blog.

BestFreeGame - Online Game & Download Game
The online game and download game of domestic and an overseas which can play for free are introduced! An action game, RPG, and beauty girl game simulation game block are carried out, and it introduces to - PACHISURO - and others with a picture according to each category.

There are a lot of online gamings that can be done soon free of charge a lot. It is scheduled to add it fast if there is being interested besides the game.

Funny Items
I made some interactive games on WWW. Enjoy !

A fortunate rainbow-colored bird HARERUYA
There are a flash game, a novel, an illustration, etc.

Gladiators Station
Sorry, this page is Japanese only....

Super five-stone-game
Online java game, play renju/gomoku game with computer on homepage. Winner of the 3rd Worldcup of renju problem solving amoung computer programs.

An original shockwave game and MP3, MIDI, MOVIE are put. It is designer's SITE.


UTa's Original Games
This site contains UTa's original games used JavaScript. Shooting games, simulation games, 3-D games..., etc. They are the best games to kill time!?

Net Game Japan
free games

MS Tactics

Samurai games - Don't you play a Japanese game?
The free interesting game link collection which collected "games of Japan"

UTa's Original Games
This site has UTa's original, enjoyable games.

Missing Logic
There is a diary of a java game and a game. Please come for play freely.

Web game

Cool Blowzer Game

Mobile Fighter G GUNDAM
It is an easy adventure game that made "Mobile Fighter G GUNDAM" a motif.

My ryu-mu
FFA mein site!cgigame mein!

Hakoniwa Islands
Island simulation game.

It is the simulation game which can experience the world of GUNDAM. Player can choose an earth federal army and a ZEON dukedom army and by battling aims at ascendancy of a base The MS which can be chosen if battle experience is gained increase in number.

Free Game Net
A free, online game is a lot. Play and carry out a free game.

The page of sss
Here, it is many games created using JAVA. Otherwise, contents, such as a gallery and a bulletin board, are substantial.

BestFreeGame - All Free Game - Online Game
the newest free game since action, RPG, the race, the adult, and puzzle block •φ of domestic and the overseas online game are carried out -- up to a beauty girl game -- a category exception -- a picture and with easy explanation -- under introduction

Online Playable Jigsaw Puzzle
freely dragable and turnable jigsaw puzzle with a real pattern, which is created by SVG. also you can download and use your own picture as a background image.

Small site to play a game!

Kento's web site
Hi!Do you want to do the game? Then Click here!Come on!

Plant Web Game
Interner Flower Plant Game.

CGI game

web game simulation

Japanese Flash Games
They are free flash game collections made in Japan.It is a game that can play even if Japanese cannot be read.

FEZ Note
Fantasy Earth ZERO fan site